a little while ago, i posted the “after”…
but i just had the urge to share these images side by side….
i still & will always prefer the “before”…but what i am most
intrigued by is why, as women do we always want to change
ourselves somehow…let’s all just decide to be happy the way
we are & celebrate the differences in others…
just sayin….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Rocy Abreu:
    Nov 30-2010 , 04:26PM
    After years of relaxing my hair I am letting my curls grow back! I just feel that every time I relaxed it I was beating up my self esteem with a stick! But NO more! Your daughter is beautiful God bless your family!
  2. Nov 30-2010 , 04:57PM
    She looks gorgeous in both but I definitely prefer the before also. So beautifully natural!
  3. Nov 30-2010 , 05:29PM
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the before!!!
  4. Nov 30-2010 , 06:30PM
    Holy Cow. Both are absolutely gorgous. But man, that first picture (before) literally took my breath away. Beautiful.
  5. Nov 30-2010 , 07:35PM
    She is beautiful in both but I love the before.
  6. Nov 30-2010 , 07:39PM
    Ha! looking at this fresh from the hair dresses, so true . You look fabulous either way.
  7. Ingrid:
    Nov 30-2010 , 08:11PM
    She is beautiful. But yes..her before is stunning. I know the after is probably something she wanted for now...as we all have changed at one time or another just to come to the conclusion that what we are born with is empoweringly beautiful..and ours.
  8. Dec 01-2010 , 08:12AM
    She looks so much different in both of these. She just stands apart much more before. It's beautiful.
  9. Dec 01-2010 , 08:38AM
    Of course, she is beautiful in both photographs. I have a daughter with naturally curly hair and agree with you, Elizabeth. The before is my favorite.
  10. Dec 01-2010 , 09:16AM
    I don't think women are ever going to be satisfied with the way we look!
  11. Dec 01-2010 , 09:44AM
    She is so cool and eye catching on the left, even simple clothes will look stylish and even a bit rockstarish on this gorgeous woman. On the right, still beautiful....but she becomes like everyone else, it's fun to be able to change your look and re-invent yourself on occasion but...why, when you are so outstanding on the left. Put it this way, if I were walking down the streets of New York and I saw "lefty" she would definitely intrique me. no doubt!
  12. Dec 01-2010 , 11:45AM
    I also love the before! The after has nothing on it.
  13. Dec 01-2010 , 11:46AM
    I also love the before. The after does nothing for me...
  14. Dec 01-2010 , 12:24PM
    she is stunning, i love the before but i understand the after. i have curly hair growing up i tied it back wishing i had staright hair, now i embrace it but once in a while i want it straight
  15. Dec 01-2010 , 01:39PM
    She is young.
    I wanted to be blond for years. As my 30's approach, I have embraced my natural hair.
    I hope she will too.
    She is gorgeous, but I believe all women are the sexiest as God made them.
  16. Dec 01-2010 , 04:09PM
    I LOVE the before. I've always craved hair like yours x
  17. Dec 01-2010 , 04:59PM
    I LOOOOVE the before but she's stunning either way. The second mom let me I relaxed my hair but recently I've returned to my roots - literally. :) I agree with Jennifer - she's young. Later in life, whether she decides to process or go natural - the key is that it come from a place of confidence. She's lovely either way!
  18. Dec 01-2010 , 05:18PM
    She is beautiful - but, I agree with everyone - I love the before. It's so lovely and original.
  19. Dec 01-2010 , 09:22PM
    gorgeous... I am in love with her wild untamed mane!
  20. Dec 02-2010 , 12:25AM
    thanks for all of the wonderful & thoughtful comments....xoxo
  21. Dec 02-2010 , 09:02AM
    lovely .. prefer the first one though
  22. Dec 04-2010 , 04:30PM
    This post reminded me about the Chris Rock's documentary.

    Love your hair!

  23. Dec 12-2010 , 08:09PM
    I think she's looks absolutely stunning in the first one, it's so good to see that she prefers her natural look and is comfortable in her own skin.
  24. Dec 12-2010 , 09:51PM
    I know its the same woman. She's beautiful in both. To me, her face is actually more attractive in the first; regardless of her hair.

    A woman of color.
  25. Dec 13-2010 , 04:05AM
    I will confess that I am the After, but that I love this Before. Beautiful and proud and unique in a way. You\re lucky to be beautiful both before and after though, I guess. Quite beautiful at that!
  26. Apr 01-2011 , 01:49PM
    As a mother to four kids all mixed and blessed with curly hair being mixed myself I can see how we get caught up wanting what others consider "good hair". I have always embraced my kids natural hair it was once they reached school age where my oldest Naomi-Lee wanted to play around with straight hair, though I was the one whining while straightening her hair it was important to have her know that true beauty stems from inside. She wears her curls to this day in a ponytail but its when its out natural that her uniqueness shines. She may not see it now but I do and I know when shes older and embraces what she was blessed with that she will become a powerful young lady. Your daughter is beautiful I of course love the before because to me her hair holds power and a story there.
  27. Apr 22-2011 , 09:13AM
    Hair aside, she is different in each of these images. In the before, she has a certain confidence and attitude (in a good way) that I am drawn to beyond her being gorgeous. There is a sense of vulnerability in the after.
    We learn the most about ourselves in trying new things and allowing ourselves to "fail".
    And as far as hair goes, I have boring, fine, straight blonde hair, I only dream of hair like this! She's a gorgeous woman, Elizabeth!
  28. Apr 18-2012 , 01:22AM
    I just wanted to say a big thank-you for posting these beautiful images, it was this that made me take the decision to go back to my natural hair. Having worn my hair relaxed for the last 15 years, I didn't see the beauty in my natural hair, but something about this image rang true to me and was the impetus for me to start my natural hair journey.
    X x
  29. torrie:
    Oct 23-2012 , 05:30PM
    love the BEFORE! she's beautiful either way FOR SURE - but i do LOVE the BEFORE. it's awesome.