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a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 18-2010 , 02:54AM
    Love the rustic quality of the wedding, not to mention the beautiful pictures; they always seem to capture the emotions of the day.
  2. Oct 18-2010 , 07:35AM
    love love love. Elizabeth, there really isn't any other word I could use to describe how much I adore your style. I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you someday! :)
  3. Oct 18-2010 , 08:47AM
    I can't stop staring at the photo of the bride jumping on the bed...sooo cute!
  4. Oct 18-2010 , 10:56AM
    Adorable collection! Love your work and all the creamy shades of heaven, a real treat for tired eyes. x
  5. Oct 18-2010 , 11:37AM
    Love the image of the bride jumping on the bed! and the reception set around the pond looks breath taking!
  6. Oct 18-2010 , 11:50AM
    Wow that pond is awesome. love ..love it

  7. Oct 18-2010 , 01:17PM
    these are wonderful, i just love the one of her jumping, the one of her feet and the hand holding the stick. I think I love them all.
  8. Adeline:
    Oct 18-2010 , 07:35PM
    So beautiful <3
  9. Oct 19-2010 , 08:44AM
    Love the colors and the beautiful lighting around the pool!
  10. Oct 19-2010 , 12:49PM
    What a gorgeous setting for a wedding. My favorite is the bride jumping on the bed, too cute!
  11. Oct 20-2010 , 06:22PM
    Deliriously gorgeous !!!
  12. Oct 24-2010 , 01:46PM
    I'm always looking for great wedding photos, and the bride jumping on the bed in her dress has got to be one of my favorite pictures lately. I love it when a photographer can help a bride (or a groom) to share some of their personality with the camera/audience.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!
  13. Oct 24-2010 , 09:28PM
    oh my freaking gosh! i LOVE these pictures!!! that first one was ah-mazing!
  14. Caroline:
    Oct 26-2010 , 05:11PM
    Does anyone know where this is??
  15. Oct 27-2010 , 01:23AM
    I am overwhelmed with how gorgeous these photos are! Thank you! Simply stunning!
  16. Fredi:
    Nov 13-2010 , 04:31PM
    and no one loves it more then her MOM....the most beautiful PHOTOS ever....I want my album!
  17. Feb 17-2011 , 05:44PM
    I'm in love with the first photograph of the bride jumping on the bed. I've never seen anything like it! So creative and interesting :)
  18. Apr 26-2011 , 05:41PM
    YES! I love that first shot soooooo much! Perfect moment and how cool for this bride to have that captured for the rest of her life! Quite excellent!
  19. Dec 17-2012 , 01:06PM
    Where is this place? It is amazing