kathryn of SNIPPET & INK is getting ready to marry the love of her life, ryan

so on a recent trip to napa i had the pleasure of photographing these sweeties

the day we spent on a st. helena vineyard was magical…the incredibly
talented LAURIE ARONS was our amazing stylist for the entire day…

kathryn & ryan are made for each other…

there was such tenderness & kindness between them….& when
they weren’t laughing they were kissing…seriously sweet….

kiss & tell….

kathryn remembers their 1st kiss…..

“We met for the first time in May 2006….he asked for my phone number and…….never called!!!
I did somehow end up with the hat he’d been wearing that night (there may have been a little bit
of drinking involved-enough said)….anyhow, 4 months later we randomly bumped into each other
again….his friend pointed me out to him & said ‘isn’t that the girl who took your hat?’ Ryan & I
talked all night…we danced & had a wonderful time…then he tried to kiss me on the dance floor…
I pulled back & said, “you have to buy me dinner first’….so a week later after a beautiful full day in
Memphis….site seeing…dinner…so, he’s dropping me off and making absolutely no attempt to kiss
me, no gesture of interest , nothing….so I looked at him & said ‘you can kiss me now’…and he did,
and the rest as they say is history….”

these two were made to kiss each other….

LAURIE ARONS made the most beautiful lunch for kathryn & ryan…go check
out her lovely blog for the menu & recipes….laurie is so talented & gracious….

the PERFECT ENDING was this perfect miniature wedding cake…

after cake, the love birds changed clothes & we headed into the vineyard….

it took incredible restraint for me to edit these photos….there were sooooo many good
ones…seriously i do not think kathryn can take a bad photo & ryan’s not bad either;)

the heart is a recent find of mine…i though was perfect for them…..

this is just the beautiful beginning….

i cannot wait for their wedding day…xoxo

to see more of this sweet engagement shoot visit;

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 04-2010 , 07:20AM
    What a pretty place for engagement pictures. They both look so relaxed, happy and it love. And Kathryn's cute dresses...oh my!
  2. Elizabeth:
    Oct 04-2010 , 08:11AM
    So sweet! I follow her blog religiously! The one of the two of them with him holding the heart in the air is my fav. It's like he's visually declaring his love! :)
  3. Oct 04-2010 , 09:12AM
  4. Oct 04-2010 , 09:37AM
    They are so romantic and sweet, love this couple!
  5. Oct 04-2010 , 09:47AM
    Elizabeth, these are just magnificent in every way! Kathryn is a gem and what beautiful styling, location and of course amazing photography. Yay film!
  6. Oct 04-2010 , 12:46PM
    These are stunning! I meet with Kathryn the day before she did this shoot and to image the beauty of what the shoot would be is exactly what these photos are, so gorgeous! They are the most adorable couple!
  7. Oct 04-2010 , 04:15PM
    SO CUTE! Love this shoot and they are such a cute couple!
  8. Oct 05-2010 , 12:42AM
    Elizabeth... these are absolutley stunning. I love them all, and I love that they shine through rather than the props being the stars. The venue itself looks incredibly gorgeous.
  9. glauce:
    Oct 05-2010 , 02:26AM
  10. Oct 05-2010 , 09:02AM
    Love all the pictures on the vineyard such a cute spot to have these memories saved!
  11. Oct 05-2010 , 02:44PM
    congrats Kathyrn and Ryan!! Love this photo shoot! so sweet and romantic.
  12. Oct 06-2010 , 12:00AM
    Oooo my these are just perfect..... perfect.... they are just gorgeous!!!
  13. Oct 06-2010 , 12:29AM
    Elizabeth, you are so wonderful, and it was such an amazing treat to have you take our engagement photos. I can't wait for the wedding!
  14. Oct 06-2010 , 10:56AM
    Adorable couple!!!
  15. Oct 07-2010 , 11:57AM
    a prop like with the heart it makes it even more real
  16. Oct 07-2010 , 05:33PM
    What a beautiful Couple! they make me smile.

    I'm always a fan of your photography! great job on this one

    xx Kirby
  17. Apr 03-2011 , 06:40AM
    THIS is what an engagement session should be - beautiful setting and a couple so in love it comes right through the photos. Loved seeing Kathryn's engagement pictures- I've followed her blog since before my own wedding almost 2 years ago. Congrats Kathryn!