hope your weekend is sprinkled with salt…and kisses…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 03-2010 , 11:43AM
    Great photos. So romantic. Beach photos are always so fun.
  2. Oct 12-2010 , 12:11PM
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Elizabeth!
  3. Apr 13-2011 , 08:20AM
    this is by far my fave collection. I can so see my husband and I in these images, gorgeous work.
  4. Apr 21-2011 , 08:49PM
    when i come to your blog I am just blown away, I am breathless i could stay for hours. i love your work.
  5. Jul 06-2011 , 12:14PM
    Beach photos are so fun!! They look so happy too
  6. Jul 06-2011 , 12:14PM
    Beach photos are so fun - and they look so happy too.