after a long & lovely courtship…

these two love birds are tying the knot….

today…today is the day….

before family & friends….

they will begin a new journey….

as husband & wife….

10-10-10 love…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 10-2010 , 10:23AM
    There is something so idyllic about that last image, almost shockingly so. I'm jealous of her gorgeous body and the joy in their embrace makes me feel like this is the beginning of something... something with a great impact. Gorgeous work as always :)
  2. Oct 10-2010 , 02:26PM
    I love the very first image the most... the background is so silky smooth!
  3. Oct 10-2010 , 02:42PM
    This is lovely. I adore the way that you interspersed words throughout the array of pictures. It's enchanting and totally captivating - breathtaking.
  4. Oct 11-2010 , 06:49AM
    so beautiful.
  5. Oct 11-2010 , 08:24AM
    Oh, I want that hat so badly!!!! Absolutely gorgeous photos.
  6. Oct 11-2010 , 11:00AM
    breathtaking! Congrats to this beautiful couple. :)
  7. Oct 12-2010 , 06:48AM
    how beautiful! All your couples look like models, but even better. You capture them in the most amazingly beautiful way. always!
  8. Oct 12-2010 , 12:12PM
    Oh -- spectacular. What a beautiful couple.
  9. deda:
    Oct 12-2010 , 01:04PM
    Gorgeous photos! And I must find that hat pronto!
  10. Oct 12-2010 , 10:23PM
    luckkky, you got to shoot angelina jolie ;) she is gorgeous btw ...they are captivating to look at

    beauty of simplicity
  11. Oct 13-2010 , 12:30PM
    Oh these guys are too cute! Beautiful, simple and breathtaking photography as always!
  12. Oct 13-2010 , 02:50PM
    Absolutely L-O-V-E these! You have the amazing ability to capture such joy and emotion and convey that to the viewers. Thank you for sharing your talents!
  13. Kasandra:
    Oct 13-2010 , 08:18PM
    Your work always makes me smile ... Nothing but love
  14. Dec 05-2010 , 09:50PM
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pics! What an adorable couple!!!