a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 27-2010 , 09:34PM
    I'm totally flipping out over this thing... gorgeous!!!!!
  2. Oct 27-2010 , 10:32PM
    beautiful headpiece, it's sheer absolute fantasy!
  3. Oct 28-2010 , 10:24AM
    classically beautiful.
  4. Oct 28-2010 , 02:13PM
    I wouldn't really call myself a romantic...but this image makes me feel romantic.
  5. Oct 28-2010 , 03:52PM
    wow. truly a pleasure meeting you and an honor working with you. can't wait to see the rest of these images!
  6. Oct 28-2010 , 06:06PM
    Thank you Elisabeth for your inspiring words and the sharing of your images and your heart for all things love at the seminar this afternoon in nyc. it was a treasure to behold.
    Susan Baker Photography
  7. Oct 28-2010 , 07:23PM
    This is so gorgeous! Would it look weird if I wore something like this to the supermarket. It's just that pretty. :)
  8. Oct 28-2010 , 10:31PM
    love how the focus is on the hairpiece!
  9. Oct 30-2010 , 03:16AM
    Absolutely beautiful, it has that 60's feel to it with the focusing and style. Really well done, she looks great.
  10. Nov 01-2010 , 04:47PM
    perfection x
  11. Nov 01-2010 , 10:40PM
    so ethereal.....
  12. Nov 04-2010 , 09:06AM
    So romantic!