twin sisters…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 21-2010 , 02:45AM
    So adorable! This reminds me of some of my favourite pictures from our wedding - the kids playing; and people trying on top hats. Weddings with children are always better.
  2. Oct 21-2010 , 06:23AM
    Brilliant! I love the hats - great concept and really well executed.
  3. Oct 21-2010 , 08:54AM
    Those girls are soooo cute...can I adopt them? ;)
  4. Oct 21-2010 , 09:26AM
    Absolutely adorable!
  5. Oct 21-2010 , 09:53AM
    Love the hats, and the shoes!
  6. Oct 21-2010 , 11:04AM
    Soooo cute!! These girls are gorgeous!
  7. Oct 21-2010 , 03:07PM
    Haha awesome! An ode to Rodney Smith :)
  8. Angie:
    Oct 21-2010 , 07:41PM
    Awwwwe! So Cute!! Gorgeous girls with pretty hats!
  9. Oct 22-2010 , 05:18PM
    Brought tears to my eyes...those girls are stunning!
  10. Oct 23-2010 , 07:26AM
    Oh, these images just made my heart so happy. These girls are beautiful. You are so talented.
  11. Oct 24-2010 , 01:49PM
    Omigosh! There's nothing better than giving cute kids props and letting them go to town. Some of my most favorite pictures are kid + prop, because most kids are just so not worried about what they look like being in front of the camera. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful series of photos!
  12. Oct 30-2010 , 03:12AM
    Haha, funny and adorable, don't you just love the way kids are with each other. So honest and open. Beautiful set.