there is something about her eyes that melt me…the change with her outfits…sometimes smokey grey…other times hazel…sometimes the sweetest shade of blue…even though i’ve seen them a thousand times, they still take my breath away…here she’s wearing a TWIGS & HONEY headpiece…sitting on a DROP IT MODEN backdrop….& necklaces from ANTHROPLOGIE…the eyes of angel…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 03-2010 , 12:05AM
    she is beautiful. this is the most amazing portrait elizabeth
  2. Oct 03-2010 , 07:24AM
    She is an angel...absolutely gorgeous...
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    What a fabulous picture!! Her eyes and that headband! To die for!
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    your daughter is stunning
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    so pretty!
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    What a stunningly beautiful girl you have!!
  7. Oct 03-2010 , 01:48PM
    What a stunningly beautiful girl you have!! This is such a gorgeous portrait!
  8. Oct 03-2010 , 07:35PM

    Those eyes show a beautiful soul at the center of such a beautiful young lady! May God continue to shine blessings upon you and yours.

  9. Oct 03-2010 , 08:16PM
    Elizabeth, she is GORGEOUS.
  10. Oct 04-2010 , 05:26PM
    Whoa! She's gorgeous! And all those blues are pure beauty!
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    What a stunning photo!!
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    she is one the most stunning young lady i have ever see, what a beautiful colaboration between a daughter and a mother!
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    they really are amazing...
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    This is stunning. Your daughter is so beautiful Elizabeth! I love all the blue: eyes, necklace.... & backdrop! :) xoxo
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    What gorgeous eyes!
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    Wow ! She's stunning ! Beautiful girl and photo !
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    The hair, the skin, the eyes, the HeadPiece! Beautiful Styling
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