waiting…doesn’t it seem sometimes like we are always waiting for the next moment…waiting for the phone to ring….waiting to go to a meeting, to the gym, down the aisle…and that there are these little moments, before other seemingly more important moments, that go unnoticed…forgotten…ignored….and yet if you pay close attention, the moment before is so full….full of anticipation….wonder…stillness….today i celebrate those moments….to the parted lips just before they meet for a kiss….to the moment you wake up, before you get up & start your day….to the moment just before the rest of your life…to no moment left behind…to now…to waiting…to you….xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 01-2010 , 07:32AM
    Breath taking pictures as always. Everything you capture looks like its from a magazine.
  2. Sep 01-2010 , 08:55AM
    Oh ... the light on her hair is divine.
  3. Sep 01-2010 , 01:48PM
    These pictures are stunning, the light is gorgeous, everythings is just lovely....and she has killer blue eyes.
    I also was touched by your words, so true.
  4. Sep 01-2010 , 03:24PM
    I love these shots - the colors are so different from what we usually see on your blog, and just as stunning.
  5. Sep 01-2010 , 04:34PM
    I love the color combo here! mustard seed, + navy + her bright blue eyes. Gorgeous as always Elizabeth! xoxo-Bree
  6. Sep 08-2010 , 12:42PM
    So, so, sooo beautiful!!!!