this is what happens when a group of friends get together & share their favorite desserts…everything was absolutely tantalizing…from the beautiful array of desserts to the stories behind them….there was an apron contest, a dessert story contest & of course a taste contest….pure sweetness….xoxoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 30-2010 , 03:58PM
    This is the most adorable idea, I’m definitely stealing it! Girls dessert soirée here we come!
  2. Oct 01-2010 , 06:30AM
    it all looks and sound gorgeous!
  3. Oct 01-2010 , 01:09PM
    I love that rose cake... so simple yet so elegant. Just beautiful!
  4. MB:
    Oct 01-2010 , 06:52PM
    I was at this party last year. The hostess has fabulous taste, a stunning garden and it was a lot of fun. Everyone got really competitive, but in a silly way, trying to one up each others stories in order to win. People wore awesome aprons, and made or bought really fun cakes. You didn't need to bake them, you could buy them too. I was so sad to miss it this year, but I had another engagement. These photos really do it justice!!
  5. Oct 04-2010 , 05:50PM
    i'm drooling! thanks for sharing!
  6. Oct 11-2010 , 02:26PM
    heart the simple cake with cream roses, stunning!