there is some truly lovely eye candy out there right now….
check out these luscious love birds all day long today on
and these incredibly stylish nuptials on
and in one of my favorite magazines two beautiful weddings….

victoria & zachary (lake forest, illinois)

ursula & patrick (santa barbara, ca)

thank you to wedding style guide for beautifully publishing these two recent weddings
and to STYLE ME PRETTY & WEDDING CHICKS for all the love….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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i was in love was when he kissed me….

when you love someone there are so many moments
woven together to create the texture of your lives…

the first glance…the first smile…and oh the first kiss…we met one night many years ago….when did i realize my life would never be quite the same?? it’s hard to say for sure…there were so many moments that tugged at my heart….the moment i knew i had met someone special, was when he called me the morning after we met for the first time….the moment i knew i was in big trouble, was right after he kissed me for the first time….and so it went…moment after moment of our lives…and the moments full of love are the one’s that i cherish….they change of course with the tone & tenure of our life together…it used to be waiting for the phone to ring & romance…now its bath time for three babies & scrambled eggs in the morning….i still love to hear his voice on the other end of the phone….i love the moment just after our children are all asleep in their beds & we are for a split second falling in love for the first time all over again….then there’s the moment just before we fall alseep, hand in hand….and then morning gently comes all over again….so what it is the sweetest moment of all?? i think the moment i knew for sure that he was the one, was the first night i cooked dinner for him….he kissed my cheek & said “mmmm, that smells good”….it felt like home…he felt like home….now, i don’t cook every night but when i do i still love the way he looks at me….we are….home….and the best part is that our family dinners are illuminated by the chandelier we stood under when we exchanged vows at our wedding….


so what was the moment you knew??
did he look at you a special way?? was it your first date?? first kiss??
every moment you have together is a memory in the making….
your home is truly one of the most special places on earth….
i highly recommend family dinners…whether you are newly weds,
sitting at a table for two or a full house…sit together…
share a laugh…break bread…
and create another moment….

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a little more sweetness...

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