the most amazing shoes ever….yes you can go to paris….have a mold made of your feet & design your very own one of a kind CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN wedding shoes….i am a little weak in the knees….


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 09-2010 , 12:30PM
    wow that's a bit amazing. love these shoes
  2. Sep 09-2010 , 07:23PM
    Those shoes look great! If you click your heels twice, there'll be no place like home!
  3. Sep 09-2010 , 10:15PM
    okay. i just almost peed a lil from the blissful thought of making my own couture louboutins! hehehehe.
  4. Sep 10-2010 , 05:33AM
    I think my heart just fluttered all of the way down to my feet. Those shoes are gorgeous and your choice of sage background is perfect.
  5. Sep 10-2010 , 01:42PM
    i have to agree. i think i audibly gasped when i read you can design your own louboutins. and i would have just taken the ones in the photo!
  6. Sep 12-2010 , 08:02PM