i am feeling a bit like the velveteen rabbit…my hair’s in a messy bun & i am holding on as ever to a very thin (albeit beautiful silk) thread…but i feel oh so real…i am so grateful to artful blogging for featuring me in their winter issue…i feel like singing “i am an artful blogger” all day long…xoxo

if you haven’t yet seen this magazine, you must go get one…it’s a feast for
the eyes & will open your eyes to so many talented artful bloggers…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 27-2010 , 12:55AM
    The layout is just perfect. Is this an online mag or a printed mag? Available in the States only?
  2. Sep 27-2010 , 02:11AM
    lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thanks so much!!
  3. Sep 27-2010 , 11:13AM
    sing, sing away! congratulations - it looks absolutely lovely.
  4. Sep 27-2010 , 11:21AM
    i will have to pick up a copy.
    congratulations, Elizabeth!
  5. Oct 04-2010 , 09:50AM
    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks so much for participating in the Winter issue of Artful Blogging. It was a great pleasure working with you.