today is my husband’s birthday….i always take time to write something thoughtful about my children, so i wanted to take a moment and do the same for him…no those of you who have no tolerance for gushing, do no read on further….i intend to gush….alot….he is the most  wonderful man…

he is the truly most amazing person i’ve ever known….he’s such an interesting mix of strength & incredible kindness….i seriously never thought i would be this lucky….this happy….he is more than i dreamed of…..a wonderful father….so kind & accepting…he’s nurturing & endlessly calm…..

to our three children….he is so full of patience….its awe inspiring…seriously, i am not blessed with such a trait….and yet he is clear & constant with them, so that they are relatively well behaved…..oh and he’s funny….i mean we laugh & have crazy serious gin rummy battles….do not bring out a deck of cards or a monopoly board….in fact board games in general can bring on epic contests….we are both a bit competitive…….and just for the record i am the gin rummy champion, no matter what he might say….

i am eternally grateful for his presence….our home is calm because of him….i am often going in several different directions at once….i have to just to keep up….and he’s always there, calm, unresentful….he loves that i follow my dreams & never makes me feel bad that it at times takes me from our family….for this i could never thank him enough…i am deeply in love with my best friend….he makes me wiser, definitely calmer….he makes me think & look at things from different sides…when he kisses me, i am ummm speechless…..i told you there would be lots of gushing…

now, please don’t get me wrong….we’ve been through hard times…like everyone…times where we didn’t see eye to eye….times when i didn’t feel such adoration….but we went through the bumps & made it out the other side….together….perhaps that’s why i am so grateful now…the world is full of pain & hardship but our home is a place where i feel safe….& when we are together i feel at home….

he is so giving…he has worked with mentally challenges adults & children for years…..over the past two years he created a private club team around our eldest daughter & niece who are both talented young athletes….now he spends several days a week training & teaching the girls every thing he’s know about basketball….and he know alot….he is a fantastic basketball player….he played professionally over seas for several years….know he actually created a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of young basketball players….i told you, he’s amazing….too good to be true….and yet every morning when i wake up….there he is…smiling….ready for another day….

in the evenings we hold hands…every night….its sweet & so full of love….

so happy birthday mr moore….we love you so much…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 06-2010 , 12:13PM
    what a beautiful post in pictures and words! thank you for sharing :)
  2. Sep 06-2010 , 04:47PM
    Stunning ideas and photography
  3. Sep 06-2010 , 07:20PM
    beautiful....romantic....and soooo sweet...
  4. Kasandra:
    Sep 06-2010 , 08:50PM
    Happy birthday Mr. Moore!
    Beautiful post ... Thank you for sharing
  5. Sep 06-2010 , 09:23PM
    I love that you wrote and shared this!
  6. Hilde Eyckmans:
    Sep 07-2010 , 04:34AM
    what a beautiful and loving testimonial...great to read that after the freshness of being in love, and even after being married love can still feel that romantic
  7. Sep 07-2010 , 08:44AM
    Your gushing even sounds poetic... love the sweet honesty of this post...
    Happy B-day to Mr. Moore... i'm sure this made his year...
  8. Anna:
    Sep 07-2010 , 03:11PM
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Moore!
  9. Sep 07-2010 , 09:08PM
    Beautiful words from your heart, what a wonderful testimonial! God bless you and your beautiful familiy Elizabeth!
  10. Sep 08-2010 , 02:50AM
    You always make me cry with your words and pictures. You have such a wonderful family!
  11. Sep 08-2010 , 02:53AM
    What a wonderful post!! and of course photo...
  12. Sep 08-2010 , 08:53AM
    What a GORGEOUS family!
  13. Sep 08-2010 , 12:45PM
    I'm a little speechless myself but I couldn't not comment on such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Sep 08-2010 , 05:54PM
    thank you so much for sharing this beautiful ode to a husband that has been with you through bumps and laughter. I hope that you two have many more wonderful and chaotic times but that you continue through them. I appreciate the time that you take to share some of your heart with us. I feel honored. Thank you.
  15. Sep 08-2010 , 06:47PM
    You are truly amazing, I follow your blog religously, your work is a constant inspiration for me, I'm so glad you have a beautiful family to guide you along, keep up the good work, I would love to be half as talented as you.... if you ever come to NZ for a job, just say the word and I'll be there to lug your equipment!!!! xxxx
  16. Sep 08-2010 , 08:42PM
    What a wonderful tribute to your husband! Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!
  17. Sep 09-2010 , 04:49PM
    This posting made me cry. So beautiful, simple, and rare. A treasure.
  18. Sep 12-2010 , 08:07PM
    so beautiful & engaging. thank you for sharing this. you certainly sound very blessed. and i always enjoy your work. so beautiful...
  19. Sep 13-2010 , 04:47PM
    It was gushy but so worth it. I loved it all.
  20. Nov 15-2010 , 12:52AM
    I guess I wasn't the only one that cried, this is so beautiful.