love is beautiful….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 13-2010 , 01:49PM
    I'm consistently enamored with your work Elizabeth! Wish I would have had the opportunity to meet you when you photographed a wedding at The Regent Palms in Turks and Caicos. No one had captured it's elegance adaquately until you. Reason for my comment- This is the second time I have seen that stunning tattoo on your site and it is EXACTLY the style I'm in search of. Pray tell somebody, pretty please, who the amazing tattoo artist is?
  2. Aug 13-2010 , 05:58PM
    so cute, adorable, and sensual! looove
  3. Aug 13-2010 , 09:33PM
    Love this photo shoot. This is the side of love that makes us all swoon when we see our partner.
  4. Aug 13-2010 , 09:55PM
    brilliant! you are brilliant!
  5. Aug 13-2010 , 10:45PM
    LOVE these!!! AMAZING as always my sweet!!! xoxo
  6. alireza:
    Aug 14-2010 , 07:41AM
    Really light,really nice & sensual...
    What a beauty second
  7. Aug 14-2010 , 02:11PM
    love this shoot ... so playfully romantic
  8. Aug 18-2010 , 07:40PM
    Sooo sexy! I was able to see you at WPPI after following you work for quite some time and just have to tell you how inspiring your personal work was! Thank you for helping me leave refreshed!
  9. Aug 18-2010 , 11:06PM
    stunning images!
  10. Aug 19-2010 , 09:12AM
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  11. Sep 01-2010 , 11:38AM
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