this is an special post for me…i usually show just a few images from a shoot….i never want to show too much….to overwhelm or bore someone…i’ve had the honor of photographing this beautiful girl for many years….gina worked tirelessly in france for our many long shoots….i adore her & felt i should share all her splendor & beauty….i also want to thank from the bottom of my heart the incredible creative crew….LAUREN NAPIER the amazing make up artist who’s skill & ability to work under pressure was amazing….ERIN SKIPLEY the hair stylist extraodinaire….our lovely & talented stylist EDEN….the designers…DELPHINE MANIVET….CLAIRE PETTIBOONE….TWIGS & HONEY….LOVELY BRIDE….KIRSTIE KELLY….& the sweetest assistants a girl could have…LEAH MACDONALD & BLISS BOOKS….KIRSTEN*….YVETTE ROMAN….KIM from JUNEBUG WEDDINGS…and our amazing location in france CHATEAU SAINT JULIEN L’ARS….i am forever humbled by all of your grace, talent & generousity….thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you….all images created by me ELIZABETH MESSINA….au revoir….xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 03-2010 , 07:41PM
    your images are breathtaking, as always.
  2. Kasandra:
    Aug 03-2010 , 08:15PM
    I'm always left with a feeling of love and warmth when I look at your pictures. These are more beautiful than I have words for. The way you use light and environment pulls me in and i get lost ... In a good way :)
    If I could, I would love to be able to experience one of workshops ... So I'm thankful you share so much here!
  3. Aug 04-2010 , 04:40AM
    To say "exquisite" would be putting it mildly. I'm blown away. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  4. Aug 04-2010 , 07:40AM
    The sepia series of both women on the stepstool is just beautiful. How are you so consistently amazing? The light, the environment, the subjects, everything... wow.
  5. Aug 04-2010 , 08:04AM
    you rock my world and i'll work those long, splendid days again for you in a second! much love - xoxoxo
  6. Aug 04-2010 , 11:29AM
    Such beauty in your photography. I am so wowed every time you post something. I love your style so much. It's not intrusive like other photography I see, It's soft, sensual, feminine, masculine, and most important it's so timeless!
  7. Aug 04-2010 , 06:46PM
    An exquisite shoot. The photos are all breathtaking and beautiful.
  8. Aug 05-2010 , 05:42PM
    Thank you was so easy to be tireless with all of those amazing minds and hearts together...not a moment wasted, not a moment unsavoured by every one of us...XOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXO a million hugs/kisses.
  9. Aug 06-2010 , 10:51PM
    its like a dream
  10. Aug 08-2010 , 08:33PM
    Simply, naturally beautiful..the relationship you have with the camera is truly divine. I remain and always will be one of your greatest admirers. ♥
  11. Aug 09-2010 , 02:28PM
    ah. you could never bore. your photography is unique and elegant. your words are inspiring. and together they leave me breathless and craving for more.
  12. Aug 10-2010 , 10:55AM
    this is so incredible. one day I would love to join you on a lovely workshop. one day...
  13. Aug 11-2010 , 09:42AM
    Such movement and art in your work. Thank you for sharing your beautiful storytelling with us!