wishing you cupcakes & smiles…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. glauce:
    Aug 19-2010 , 02:57AM
    ¡Ohhhhhhhhhh felicidades!
  2. Aug 19-2010 , 05:05AM
    lovely birthday pictures

    do you sell actions?
    what camera do use?
    the lighting is great!
  3. Aug 19-2010 , 07:03AM
    Elizabeth, this is so special! So beautiful....Mykela is so gorgeous! We love love love everything you did!
  4. Mom:
    Aug 19-2010 , 09:12AM
    What a beautiful party that was for such a lovely girl. XOXO
  5. Aug 19-2010 , 10:53AM
    so lovely and happy.
  6. Aug 19-2010 , 11:21AM
    What an incredible party, and a very lucky girl!
  7. Aug 19-2010 , 02:48PM
    Sooo gorgeous!! And they all look delicious, too! :)
  8. Aug 19-2010 , 04:54PM
    sheesh, someone got all creative with cakes

  9. Aug 19-2010 , 08:11PM
    I love those ice cream cone candles. They are so cute. Love the creativity with candles.
  10. Aug 19-2010 , 08:43PM
    These photos are beyond beautiful! xoxo
  11. Aug 20-2010 , 09:08AM
    her necklace was a birthday gift from URBAN OUTFITTERS....xoxo
  12. Aug 20-2010 , 03:10PM
    I LOVE these Elizabeth!!! The natural light in your kitchen is a dream!!! ;-) Happy 13th Bday to your beautiful daughter!!!
  13. Lyla:
    Aug 20-2010 , 05:12PM
    Love it! Can you tell me where to buy those ice cream cone candles? They would be great for my daughter's bday party.
  14. Aug 22-2010 , 08:22PM
    Everytime I see your stunning photos of your children, it makes me long for the excitement of having children of my own and watching them grow. What a beautiful birthday celebration!
  15. Aug 24-2010 , 09:57AM
    Muito lindo e original :)
  16. Apr 08-2011 , 09:05AM
    these are seriously the most gorgeous photos I have seen in a while. So incredibly inspiring!