how did this happen?

one minute i was cradling a perfect baby boy…..

and the next i find looking into the eyes of a little man….

he is through & through a boy….fiercely independent & strong….and yet oh so sensitive (i apologize my little son, for i think you got that from me)…he is surrounded by women, his sisters and myself…and is not always tolerant of our feminine ways….he insists i kiss & hug him way too much, and yet he melts into my arms every evening & still absently reaches for a single strand of my hair for comfort…..

in my heart he is still a baby boy….

and yet he keeps reminding me he’s not a baby….

so i try to let him go a little….

and yet when he sleeps he is, as ever my baby boy….

and so it goes on…he grows & changes….he is intelligent & funny…and soooo intense…believe me he gets his fair share of time outs….and yet i admire him…his little body full of grown up emotions….

i feel so lucky to be his mama….

and cannot wait to meet the man he’ll become….


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 25-2010 , 12:13PM
    The last photo brought a tear to my eye! Such a stunning portrayal of your son. Beautiful. Beautiful!
  2. Aug 25-2010 , 12:15PM
    gorgeous.. and a happy birthday to your little man
  3. Aug 25-2010 , 12:43PM
    Brought tears to my eyes, especially when my little guy just turned 7 the other day too! Beautiful!
  4. Aug 25-2010 , 01:00PM
    He's so handsome (at 7 they must be called handsome instead of cute, or so I've been told...)! And I *love* the last line "and cannot wait to meet the man he’ll become…." That's beautiful. My nephew just turned 7 and I feel the exact same way!
  5. Aug 25-2010 , 01:09PM
    He's cute!!! That last image just made me laugh!! Happy birthday to your boy!!
  6. Aug 25-2010 , 01:38PM
    This is really very beautiful! Happy 7th birthday to your young man! Hard to imagine such a cutie getting timeouts... ;)
  7. Amanda:
    Aug 25-2010 , 02:04PM
    This is so great. Love the photos!
  8. Aug 25-2010 , 03:18PM
    That last picture...I don't know how to explain, but journalism at its best. If you consider your work to head in that direction. Great stuff!

  9. Aug 25-2010 , 03:48PM
    what a beautiful ode to your little boy. your photographs are spectacular. how lucky is he?!?! : )
  10. Aug 25-2010 , 04:13PM
    Beautiful ...the pictures, the words...the feeling...just beautiful...
  11. Aug 25-2010 , 04:34PM
    Yes! Happy Happy Birthday to him... you are such a wonderful Mama- how absolutely beautiful this post is- I love it so much... love you too! xxoo
  12. michelle:
    Aug 25-2010 , 04:40PM
    Beautiful post, gorgeous photography... argh, you're melting my heart :)
  13. Aug 25-2010 , 05:23PM
    Lovely. Your words and your photographs always make cry.
  14. Karyn:
    Aug 25-2010 , 05:28PM
    I just stumbled onto your blog for the first time (via Amy Atlas) and the last photo in this post left my jaw hanging open. Love. Just beautiful.
  15. Kasandra:
    Aug 25-2010 , 07:31PM
    My son is 7 also ... Like he told me last week 'practically a big kid' ... He's right ... As usual
    Your images bring tears to my eyes ... They're just that beautiful ... Thanks for sharing
  16. Kasandra:
    Aug 25-2010 , 07:32PM
    Oh and happy birthday to your boy :)
  17. Aug 25-2010 , 08:05PM
    I'm pregnant with a son right now (my first baby) and this post made me feel excited and blessed to be having a little boy. Thank you for sharing, and happy birthday to your little boy!
  18. Aug 25-2010 , 10:08PM
    You have beautiful children, I hope i get to be a mom one day, because it's such a beautiful thing.
  19. Aug 25-2010 , 10:29PM
    so beautiful...
  20. Aug 25-2010 , 10:38PM
    This post is so precious. I feel so much of what you've written about your son... I cried a little to think this age will be upon me sooner than I can imagine. Mine is just three months today. I'm so grateful to be entering into this journey of being a little boy's mama. Thank you for sharing!
  21. Aug 26-2010 , 12:26AM
    INCREDIBLE photo and your son is such a beautiful little boy! Being a mom is so amazing n so many ways! What's most surprising is how quickily they grow up!!!
  22. Aug 26-2010 , 02:32AM
    So beautiful Elizabeth. My little guy is turning 7 in December-- so I could totally relate to this beautiful post. Happy birthday to your little one. You are a continual source of inspiration to me. Your work is lovely and inspires me daily.
  23. Aug 26-2010 , 05:33AM
    Oh wow!! this is just beautiful!
  24. Aug 26-2010 , 07:12AM
    Happy Birthday to the little prince...

    Such beautiful photos... such a beautiful family...
    The last one is creativity at its best... love it...
  25. Aug 26-2010 , 10:44AM
    this is beautiful...xoxo
  26. Aug 26-2010 , 12:01PM
    lovely! just lovely!
  27. Aug 26-2010 , 01:00PM
    Love love love the photo of your son and President me goosebumps!
  28. Aug 26-2010 , 01:30PM
    I am in tears. My baby boy is a man now but will forever be my baby boy. Through his life I have tried to follow the advice I was given by a wise lady who had 1 son & 2 grandsons - If you let them go, they will come back; if you try to keep them, they will go. Hope your little man had a wonderful day
  29. Aug 26-2010 , 06:04PM
    magical words and images together.
  30. Aug 27-2010 , 12:44PM
    I adore your blog. And this is the sweetest thing ever.
  31. Aug 27-2010 , 03:32PM
    how powerful. there is something about a little boy... nothing compares to it!
  32. Aug 27-2010 , 04:34PM
    Such lovely photos and words. xoxo
  33. Aug 27-2010 , 05:56PM
    Thank you for sharing your "family" with those of us who may not been able to be so lucky. The last picture means more than you could ever imagine. I cannot wait until the day we can walk down the street and not describe a person by their race. I pray for that day. Have a great weekend and blessed be your family.
  34. Aug 28-2010 , 08:26PM
    a gorgeous historical documentary of a beautiful, now, young man's life. wow.
  35. Aug 29-2010 , 05:18PM
    Absolutely wonderful Elizabeth!
  36. Karen:
    Aug 30-2010 , 01:05AM
    Oh bless! I am not a mother yet, but this describes to me, what i think it would feel like and brings a tear to my eye. i can't wait to be a mama!!
  37. Aug 30-2010 , 07:43AM
    i love how you pieced this story together!! the way your soft and deepfelt words connect with the images, and that last image - wow, such power and beauty and hope and promise in that image. you are an inspiration to many, and to your children, i'm sure!
  38. Aug 31-2010 , 08:18AM
    So beautiful on so many levels! I can't believe Mylek is 7! I met you when he was 1. Happy Happy Birthday and we'll send some more Danish Waffles to him! You have such a beautiful family!
  39. Sep 02-2010 , 11:21AM
    Incredibly beautiful!
  40. Sep 03-2010 , 02:55AM
    wow, what a beautiful story and stunning photos!
  41. Taryn:
    Sep 05-2010 , 11:53AM
    Last portrait is INSPIRED...what a beautiful moment in time & history to put him and his childhood in the context of...when he fills out a suit he will smile...beautiful, beautiful boy like the old song goes. :)
  42. Sep 16-2010 , 04:15AM
    that was so beautiful. I had a weep... just so --- words fail me
  43. Penny Candy Pictures:
    Nov 14-2010 , 11:59AM
    This post is just so dear.... what a wonderful little man, and what a lot of love you put into your words about him. Thank you for sharing.
  44. Nov 19-2010 , 08:17AM
    I absolutely love love your blog your photography is just breathtaking. I am new to the blogging front but I have to tell ya, your blog is one of my absolute faves......hands just really gives a sense of who you are and the importance of fam in your life. Love it!! .....