oh my loveliness…..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 12-2010 , 05:39AM
    AMAZING inspiration..we simply adore the love in this affair and these photos
  2. Aug 12-2010 , 09:08AM
    Your photography melts my heart and leaves me feeling all warm inside.
  3. Aug 12-2010 , 11:24AM
    you blow my mind. sooooo earthy and romantic, as usual!
  4. Aug 12-2010 , 02:39PM
    lovely....these are great.
  5. Kasandra:
    Aug 12-2010 , 05:36PM
    Love all of them, but those with a shallow depth of field are beyond dreamy ... Especially the profile of the bride in the crown ... It makes me feel like I'm looking into a dream ... Thanks so much for sharing all of this beauty with us
  6. Sep 05-2010 , 05:04AM
    This wedding is just lovely. The lightness of color, the gentle feeling has been captured beautifully.