is a wonderful thing….

or rather, it should be…as the mother of three children, our home is often a blur of basketball practices, time outs, cereal & dirty clothes….i do find myself a bit overwhelmed some days, but at the core of it i feel blessed to be raising three healthy kids…in fact, i cannot even imagine if one of my babies had a serious illness…and yet that is the reality for many families…photographer & loving mother SUZY CLEMENT deals with this reality every day…..her young daughter has a very rare disease called JUVENILE MYOSITIS….they are trying to find a cure…and right now JUVENILE MYTOSITIS is in the running to win $250,000 to help children with this rare disease….and they need help….so please go to this LINK and VOTE…and tell your friends…every childhood should be wonderful….this is a chance to help a child that needs a little more wonder & a little less pain…so hug the ones your love & remember good health is a very precious gift….help a child…find a cure…every vote helps…xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 31-2010 , 10:29AM
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity to vote. I could not imagine go through this situation either. I feel pain in my heart just to think about it. I have to thank every day for having a healthy angel with me.
  2. Aug 31-2010 , 11:02AM
    Elizabeth, thanks for sharing and for your kind and thoughtful words, and for sharing our cause. Childhood is indeed meant to be wonderful, as is parenting, and we do our best to find those moments despite the sometimes terrible challenges that present themselves. JM families have been working so hard all month to land this money for our kids, and we are THIS CLOSE to winning, but we need more people voting, and spreading the word, TODAY!

    Here are THREE ways to vote (and you can do ALL of them!)
    (1) Send text msg 100850 to number 737-74
    (2) Vote directly from Pepsi site -
    (3) Via FB app:

    Many thanks to everyone that can help us!
  3. Aug 31-2010 , 05:45PM
    done and done!
  4. Sep 01-2010 , 10:17AM
    hihi! soooo cute! voted yesterday, keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. Sep 06-2010 , 09:42AM
    This is absolutely adorable, a photo that last a life time.