DELYSIA makes the most amazing parisian style artisan truffles…each flavor is preservative-free and created with the utmost care and attention to detail…..they offer over 60 flavors, from the classic milk or dark chocolate to the unique curry or honey….i have not yet tried every flavor, but i intend to…seriosly these truffles are delicious little works of art….and i was lucky enough to have DELYSIA as an official sponsor of A LOVELY WORKSHOP in france…which meant that every attendee & collaborator got to enjoy some of these lovely melt in your mouth truffles…it’s with bittersweet

generosity that i’m now giving away my last 3 boxes to 3 lucky chocolate lovers…

we all need a little sweetness in our lives…..

NICOLE owner & creator of DELYSIA is a loving mother & chocolate entrepreneur…

“Delysia Chocolatier was launched in late 2008, but our first truffles were created in December 2006 when I was eight months pregnant with Sebastien.  Exhausted and too tired for holiday shopping, I made truffles as gifts for our family and friends.  (Sebastien was born a few days later, four weeks early.)

My first truffle flavors were hazelnut, peanut butter, and mint.  Much to my surprise, they were delicious!  I found myself making them for every holiday, birthday party, and potluck dinner.  With my loving husband’s encouragement, we slowly created a business.

In April 2009, when I was four month pregnant with Colin, I was laid off from my full time job as an industrial/quality engineer.  I was devastated.  I loved being an engineer.  But life had determined a different path for me.  I needed to focus on what was important – our family and my ‘dream’ to grow my chocolate truffle business.  In May 2009, Delysia Chocolatier became a full time venture.”


DELYSIA also partners with vineyards to create unique truffles with their wines….which could be a wonderful addition to a winery wedding…or you could just hang out in your backyard & eat truffles right out of the box, just saying…i feel its important to mention here, chocolate is good for your soul….so i am inviting you to join my love affair with DELYSIA chocolate truffles…that right, simply leave a comment & i will pick three lucky winners next week….good luck ladies and…..

bon apetite….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Kate M.H.:
    Aug 05-2010 , 10:45AM
    chocolate = XOXO
  2. Aug 05-2010 , 10:51AM
    I just love the red dress!!! And I love chocolate! Yum!!
  3. Aug 05-2010 , 10:55AM
    mmm, yummy! if i leave multiple comments can i win all 3?
  4. sara p:
    Aug 05-2010 , 11:08AM
  5. Becca:
    Aug 05-2010 , 11:45AM
    Chocolate is one of those flavors that comforts me: it's warm, spicy, exotic, familiar, and complex, all rolled into a silky, sweet ball of mouth-watering goodness. And that's my outlook on my upcoming wedding: like a box of (non-Forrest Gump-like) chocolates!
  6. Aug 05-2010 , 11:59AM
    Ohhhh, chocolate! Those look divine!
  7. VaM:
    Aug 05-2010 , 12:07PM
    they look too pretty to eat!
  8. Fiona:
    Aug 05-2010 , 12:22PM
    I love chocolate. Unfortunately, I need to fit in my dress so I would like to share these with my bridesmaids and hubby.
  9. Aug 05-2010 , 12:26PM
  10. Carol:
    Aug 05-2010 , 12:37PM
    SO CUTE!!!
  11. Jillian:
    Aug 05-2010 , 12:47PM
    They look so tempting! What great photos. It's so nice to hear how little hobbies can become such a rewarding business, congratulations to Nicole.
  12. Aug 05-2010 , 12:54PM
    I sure could use one of those sweet treats.... Melting away in DC!
  13. Jackie:
    Aug 05-2010 , 01:14PM
    Ooohhhh I'm all about fancy chocolate! With the wedding diet I'm on right now, I'll make them last, too lol! :)
  14. Melissa:
    Aug 05-2010 , 01:16PM
    What a wonderful story about the creation of Delysia! Life can't get much sweeter than creating amazing chocolates for the world to indulge! I LOVE chocolate...but then again, who doesn't! Beautiful pictures! I'd be using them in an ad campaign if I were you Nicole. It's can steal the idea, I won't tell!
  15. Maureen:
    Aug 05-2010 , 02:52PM
    Chocolate chocolate the stuff of my dreams. So good for you and so yummy. These look way too good.
  16. Aug 05-2010 , 03:26PM
    So delightful! I would love to get a taste of these!
  17. Jenn S.:
    Aug 05-2010 , 03:42PM
    I would love to try these!!
  18. Colleen:
    Aug 05-2010 , 04:27PM
    I believe chocolate is a way of life; choose the dark side.

    Beautiful photographs & beautiful chocolates!
  19. Taryn:
    Aug 05-2010 , 04:56PM
    Oh please oh please oh please...this has been a month to end all months and God knows I could use some good chocolate. :D
  20. Aug 05-2010 , 05:14PM
    hmmm Chocolate... a perfect ending to any day...
  21. Aug 05-2010 , 05:23PM
    yum!!!!!!!! just this post made my day :)
  22. Lisa:
    Aug 05-2010 , 05:33PM
    YUMMY! How could anyone pass up this awesome giveaway!!?? thanks!!
  23. Aug 05-2010 , 06:08PM
    It's wonderful that she took what could have been a huge disappointment and found her passion! Plus, these sound heavenly!
  24. Aug 05-2010 , 07:20PM
    Love the photos. Want the chocolates.
  25. Jessica:
    Aug 05-2010 , 07:26PM
    I would like to give a little shout-out for dark chocolate [my fav]!! Thanks for always being positively delicious and knowing exactly how to brighten my day!
  26. Maple:
    Aug 05-2010 , 09:13PM
    mmmmm I love chocolate! :)
  27. Aug 05-2010 , 11:17PM
    ooo!! thanks for a chance to win!! gorgeous photos!
  28. Aug 06-2010 , 06:46AM
    I love the story behind the company. Hooray for doing what you love! and of course hooray for chocolate! Thanks for the chance to win.
  29. Aug 06-2010 , 07:20AM
    Oh, they look sooooo yummy! I'm a huge chocolate fan!
  30. Corbett Grace:
    Aug 06-2010 , 09:48AM
    Goodness those just look amazing! We're having our wedding at his aunts house over looking a few wineries so these chocolates would be the PERFECT favor!
  31. jennie:
    Aug 06-2010 , 03:49PM
    what a generous give-away! you are so so sweet!
  32. Aug 07-2010 , 08:34AM
    Live. Breathe. Love. Chocolate...
  33. Aug 07-2010 , 11:12AM
    these are beautiful!! i can imagine them tasting divine :)
  34. Aug 07-2010 , 11:37AM
    Delicious Delysia... love the story, love the photos, love chocolate. I'm desperate to know where that dress and heart-shaped glasses are from??
  35. Kia Gregory:
    Aug 07-2010 , 12:19PM
    Please let it be me!
  36. Kelly:
    Aug 07-2010 , 04:20PM
    Nothing like a great chocolate at the end of a long day!
  37. Irma:
    Aug 08-2010 , 06:01AM
    i <3 chocolate truffles
  38. Mia Pham:
    Aug 08-2010 , 07:21AM
    Thanks for the giveaway, Elizabeth! I know how hard it is to part with chocolate. ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed...
  39. Carla Martinez:
    Aug 08-2010 , 12:42PM
    WOW! What a great giveaway! I would love to taste these truffles. They look delicious!
  40. Rochelle:
    Aug 08-2010 , 09:43PM
    Ich liebe Schokolade. What a nice give away. I hope it doesn't melt in the shipping!
  41. Lauretta:
    Aug 13-2010 , 01:44AM
    Oh please Elizabeth, I'm in desperate need of these gorgeous truffles! I'm in love with your work by the way...
  42. Andrea:
    Aug 19-2010 , 09:04AM
    Oh! I hope you haven't picked the winners yet! I adore the bright red packaging...I hope that I still have a chance to win these delicious treats!
  43. Aug 20-2010 , 02:36AM
    Great photos, beautiful woman, but I still, most of all, crave for chocolate! :D