as they say a woman’s work is never done….believe me, i know….but somedays
i try to remind myself that a long list of to do’s & emails to return, while my children
dance around my feet asking for snacks & another game of hide ‘n go seek…that too
much to do, is surely better than nothing to do at all….and there was a time not so
long ago that a woman didn’t have the right to work…so with that said this working
girl is going back to work, happy lovely friday to all my overworked ladies…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 09-2010 , 01:47PM
    well put! thanks for sharing.

  2. Jul 09-2010 , 02:44PM
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder. Your words always seem to be a gift, but particularly today. . .
  3. Jul 09-2010 , 06:56PM
    Thank you, she says as she plays another game of Barbie and the Mermaid Tale whilst replying to client emails. xx
  4. Taryn:
    Jul 09-2010 , 07:02PM
    Amen, girl.
  5. Jul 09-2010 , 09:17PM
    What a great reminder of the blessings we do have as we go through our week and head into the weekend. Children are a wonderful blessings and it is always nice to have something to do.
  6. Jul 10-2010 , 11:54AM
    Yes! Work. Lots of it. I feel like it's sometimes hard to balance work, life, love, relationships! It makes my brain hurt thinking of the "to do" list, but I am grateful to have work and grateful to be doing what makes me happy... I know you feel the same. :) Happy weekend!!
  7. kasandra:
    Jul 10-2010 , 09:36PM
    such a wonderful reminder ... i'm blessed in many ways and try to always be grateful ... even when the alarm goes off too early in the morning :)