okay so here’s the deal…www.kissthegroom.com has been selected as a Bridal Blog Awards finalist in the Best Wedding Photography Blog category. We are so honored. Please take the time to vote HERE. Also, you can vote as many times as you want! So if you feel like avoiding your own to-do list, spend the afternoon voting & voting & voting & voting & voting  and tell your friends…many thanks….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 10-2010 , 11:08AM
    Just did, good luck!
  2. Jul 10-2010 , 11:40AM
    voted for you and have to say no contest at all.
  3. Jul 10-2010 , 02:11PM
    voted. you deserve to win!
  4. Jul 10-2010 , 07:39PM
    Did it! You truly deserve to win this! :)
  5. Jul 10-2010 , 11:26PM
    I just voted! Hands down you have the best site! good luck! I absolutely adore your site!
  6. Jul 11-2010 , 06:31AM
    voted for you!! we adore your timeless photos, your beautiful site and you!!
    sweetly, melissa and kellie
  7. Jul 11-2010 , 02:59PM
    hope you win!
  8. Jul 12-2010 , 07:42AM
    so beautiful and grand
  9. Jul 12-2010 , 04:04PM
    Really no contest! Your site is so well designed and your work so very consistently inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  10. Ingrid:
    Jul 13-2010 , 07:05AM
    You betcha..betcha ..betcha!
  11. Jul 15-2010 , 07:42AM
    Voting REPEATEDLY for your beautiful self. Involving family in the process. Seriously hoping you win. You deserve it so much!!!!