most people know how lovely the unique head pieces & adornments of TWIGS & HONEY are….but did you know that myra the creator of TWIGS & HONEY is a stunning beauty who graciously modeled for me in france??  the attendees of A LOVELY WORKSHOP were lucky enough to photograph her…

she is an effortless beauty…graceful…here she is wearing a CLAIRE PETTIBONE gown

j’adore TWIGS & HONEY & myra


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 29-2010 , 09:15AM
    oh my! This is so sweet and lovely, Elizabeth!! What a pleasant surprise this morning. I just love all your work. Also! Just spotted your work on Creature Comforts blog today!
  2. Jul 29-2010 , 11:29AM
    she really is stunning! as is your work, time and time again!
  3. Jul 29-2010 , 12:47PM
    just so gorgeous.
  4. Jul 29-2010 , 09:24PM
    Myra is truly beautiful! :)
    And so is her gorgeous work!
  5. Jul 31-2010 , 04:17PM
    oh my, i love Twigs n' Honey. When I get married, I'm getting one of her hair pieces! so beautiful!!!
  6. Aug 01-2010 , 03:41PM
    I just love those subtle turquoise tones....