a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 24-2010 , 01:36PM
    there is so much life and happy energy in all of these photos. it makes all the pretty things around them look even more beautiful. the emotions are so intoxicating. i am almost feel as if though i am at the wedding!
  2. Jul 24-2010 , 02:17PM
    Elizabeth Messina, you are amazing.
  3. Jul 24-2010 , 08:51PM
    I love that you just shared this, you are fabulous!
  4. Jul 27-2010 , 11:13AM
    Love seeing some of your candid shots - just as beautiful as ever.
  5. Jul 27-2010 , 01:01PM
    i love this. what joy!
  6. Jul 28-2010 , 07:31PM
    Candid dance shots always make me smile...and sometimes I actually laugh out loud. Wonderful images!
  7. Jul 30-2010 , 08:18PM
    beautiful images!