photographs from tori spelling & dean mcdermotts’s lovely vow renewal


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 02-2010 , 12:10PM
    What a beautiful family and a beautiful photograph!
  2. Jun 02-2010 , 05:34PM
    What a gorgeous family. Truly gorgeous Elizabeth, your work never ceases to amaze me.
  3. Jun 03-2010 , 06:02AM
    Great images of such a darling family! So...they did it?! They renewed their vows? I saw an episode where they mentioned it might happen. I love the color scheme...but of course since yellow is my favorite. How fun it must of been to shoot this event for them! :-)
  4. Jun 03-2010 , 03:41PM
    I love these. The family photographs you've done of them in the past are some of my absolute favorites. These will be added to the list!
  5. Jun 04-2010 , 07:18AM
    Absolutely stunning! Love all the yummy details and their family is beautiful.
  6. Jun 04-2010 , 10:00AM
    [...] I am showing off a bit of inspiration from Tori Spelling & Dean Mcdermotts’s vow renewal ceremony. There were a few things about this event which really caught my eye! First of all, it is [...]
  7. Jun 07-2010 , 01:45PM
    I love so much about this wedding. The gray and yellow is chic, but casual. And the old photos and typewriter are yummy. This wedding makes me want to do it all again. My friend, photographer Tanya Mallot told me about your site and she's right, I love it. (I think I'll tweet it...)
  8. Jun 07-2010 , 07:47PM
    so cool seeing you on the show tonight!
  9. Jun 08-2010 , 07:19AM
    I ADORE these details, and I would love to know where they found the chalk boards with the inspirational words. Please share if you know! Tori is one of the greatest event planners of our day, and she has a very talented team!

  10. Lindsey:
    Jul 08-2010 , 09:00AM
    Mary, the signs are by Joni Harrison Lay, who designs amazing signage and stationary through her company Chocolate Butterbean. You can see more of her work here!

    I am a huge fan. Hope this helps :)
  11. Danielle:
    Oct 14-2010 , 09:55PM
    I loved this event and I am searching for her yellow dress and pink dress she wore that night. Who made them? Does anyone know?

    I love tori and dean, they are so cute!

    Thank you!
  12. Oct 13-2011 , 01:14PM
    Hi, loved it! Do you konw where the yellow dress is from?