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  1. Jun 09-2010 , 09:32PM
    Truly breathtaking! What an amazing wedding and beautiful photography.
  2. Jun 09-2010 , 10:28PM
    I gasped at these images....I swooned for a good 10 minutes....I'm so deliciously inspired by this wedding. yay yay!
  3. Jun 09-2010 , 11:11PM
    Exquisite, iconic Americana~ pictures and moments that are timeless
  4. Jun 09-2010 , 11:53PM
    These are wonderful, refreshing, surprising, intimate, nostalgic and simply fantastic. i am thinking if i have ever seen better wedding photos...***
  5. Jun 10-2010 , 07:56AM
    [...] Southern Wedding by Elizabeth Messina';tweetcount_cnt=0;I love these images posted on Kiss The Groom of this beautiful southern wedding. I lived in the south for quite sometime so southern [...]
  6. Jun 10-2010 , 08:00AM
  7. Jun 10-2010 , 10:12AM
    i love love love love the pictures with the bride and her dogs...soooo CUTE! amazing work!!
  8. Jun 10-2010 , 03:04PM
    wow. this dress is stunning. she looks so beautiful! just when you start to think every wedding gown looks the same....
  9. steph:
    Jun 10-2010 , 08:23PM
    eyes are blissed out! as is my heart. what a beautiful collection of images and people. xos
  10. Jun 10-2010 , 09:24PM
    GORGEOUS! Love her dress. Love everything about this wedding <3
  11. Jun 10-2010 , 10:12PM
    This seriously might be the dreamiest wedding I have EVER seen! Drooling over here!
  12. Jun 10-2010 , 10:34PM
    I am beyond words. So fab!
  13. Jun 11-2010 , 06:26AM
  14. Jun 11-2010 , 09:11AM
    Wow, this looks like it was an amazing wedding! Beautiful images and gorgeous location/wedding party! I love all the little moments you captured :)
  15. Jun 11-2010 , 09:13AM
    wow, that dress and that headpiece.
    These photos have such a timeless quality! and they have "the south" written all over them. gorgeous.
  16. Jun 11-2010 , 02:11PM
    Really beautiful Elizabeth.....I really love these photographs. The colours, tone and mood is so soft and evocative and intimate. Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous wedding....
  17. Jun 12-2010 , 04:40PM
    You may be the most inspired photographer that I have ever seen. If I thought that I could shoot weddings even minutely closely to what you do, I might walk away from fashion photography forever. I can't imagine a bride in the world who wouldn't want you to re-imagine her wedding day. This spread, this story is beyond!
  18. Jun 14-2010 , 11:28PM
    Every image is just so true and thoughtful.
  19. Jun 16-2010 , 01:06AM
    sooo love it, so fun and unique, amazing!!!!
  20. Jun 18-2010 , 02:29PM
    I absolutely adore this wedding, such beautiful details and the photos are so well done! Love it!
  21. Jun 21-2010 , 01:49AM
    [...]  You MUST check out more on Elizabeth Messina’s blog, Kiss the Groom.  You [...]
  22. Lauren:
    Jun 21-2010 , 03:27PM
    it's prettier than a fairy tale! simply exquisite...
  23. Jun 22-2010 , 03:38PM
    So beautiful, all around.
  24. Whitney:
    Jul 06-2010 , 01:25PM
    Amazing wedding gown. Who is the designer?
  25. kc:
    Jul 12-2010 , 01:03PM
    Unbelievably beautiful! Where is this amazing farm!? I see a NC license plate on that beautiful car... please oh please, is it somewhere rent-able in NC?
  26. Jul 29-2010 , 04:26PM
    These are the most beautiful photos that I've seen yet.
  27. mg:
    Aug 06-2010 , 08:46PM
    Do you know the designer and name of the dress? It's stunning.
  28. Aug 08-2010 , 06:40AM
    [...] 49 August 8th, 2010 | Tags: Mouth watering? See more from this delicious wedding here. Happy Sunday! {Image by Elizabeth [...]
  29. Aug 08-2010 , 12:30PM
    wowza! this is amazing! absolutely breathtaking!
  30. nicole:
    Aug 09-2010 , 11:08AM
    This wedding is absolutely picture perfect. And her amazing dress is by Oscar de la Renta.
  31. Aug 09-2010 , 01:53PM
    dreamy!!!! this wedding is gorgeous. love the ballet shoes for the girls & white dresses! the bride's dress is absolutely stunning.
  32. Aug 10-2010 , 12:36PM
    I’m so glad I’ve found your site. I’ll often come back to see more beauty.
  33. dc bride:
    Aug 10-2010 , 04:13PM
    Love these! can you share who makes the bridesmaid dresses? I am in search of some and these are along the lines of what I had in mind!