so, i’ve been back for a couple of weeks now…and i am just starting to feel like myself again….for a while it felt as though i was suspended in two different universes….one full of long beautiful days, endless croissants and photographs & amazing people…the other a blur catch up & ketchup, clients & children….so as my jet lag subsides & i begin to explore the forest of photographs from france, i am ready to share….share my gratitude to all the amazingly talented & creative people who came together to make france & the lovely workshop such a once in a lifetime experience…and of course i am ready to share my photographs…and i warn you there are many….so over the coming weeks i will be doing posts that highlight the different designers & artists that collaborated with me…and i will be doing a series of wonderful giveaways….so sit back & relax…and come share my dreams….bon voyage…

blessing to these amazing artists

designer & prop stylist EDEN of END DESIGN….photographer & wax sage LEAH MACDONALD & BLISS BOOKS….a spoon full of love thanks to MONKEYS ALWAYS LOOK….lovely calligraphy XANDRA Y. ZAMORA….the gracious & lovely ULRICA WIHLBORG editor at PEOPLE magazine & talented photographer….to my name sake & the loveliest of lovelies LANIE LIST from the LOVELY BRIDE, we were made for each other…..sweet & adorable KIM of JUNEBUG WEDDINGS and alongside her loving husband ADAM BAMBERG owner of LA VIE photography…..fantastic makeup by the very talented LAUREN NAPIER….stunning film maker KISTEN* of BLISS…..sublimely amazing CLAIRE PETTIBONE who was kind enough to send me with a treasure trove of dresses & lingerie….the most incredible & insightful & talented author &  PDN deputy editor JACQUELINE TOBIN who was gracious & available to all of us….stunning hair artist ERIN SKIPLEY, who between updos worked effortlessly as a model too…incredibly patient & hardworking talented photographer YVETTE ROMAN…..endlessly talented designer KIRSTIE KELLY who also entrusted me with a suitcase full of beautiful dresses….the incredibly talented MYRA CALLEN of TWIGS & HONEY for her seriously artistic hair adornments & headpieces & flawless modeling….my amazing photography lab IMAGE SOURCE….to the very sweet DELYSIA chocolates for the delicious truffles….beautiful dresses from the extremely talented SARAH SEVEN….the creative lovely signs courtesy of MODERN PRESS….the beautiful letterpress & lovely workshop suite of paper products by the ever talented & new mommy VIOLA of CHEWING THE CUD….beautiful french gowns by DELPHINE MANIVET….very talented head piece designer JENNIFER BEHR…and a special thank you to the owners of CHATEAU DE ST. JULIEN L’ARS, such a magical place….and to FRANCE my sweet muse, i miss you terribly….thank you all for making A LOVELY WORKSHOP so very very lovely….

may loveliness surround you wherever you are…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 11-2010 , 01:47PM
    I am so excited to see all the lovely things you will be sharing, Elizabeth!
  2. Jun 11-2010 , 01:49PM
    Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures!
    I hope you do more workshops in France in the future, Elizabeth.
    Going to one would be an absolute dream for me.
  3. Jun 11-2010 , 02:10PM
    Nice pic's!!! love them!
  4. kas:
    Jun 12-2010 , 02:49PM
    looking forward to all of your beautiful shares! thank you so much for sharing all of the amazing vendors/artists you work with ... it so inspiring looking at such creativity
  5. Jun 12-2010 , 04:58PM
    Wow, the last picture looks like it's straight from an enchanted fairy tale. I love it!
  6. Jun 12-2010 , 10:33PM
    That last image is just... angelic! Gorgeous...

  7. Jun 14-2010 , 08:00AM
    We are anxiously waiting to see the beautiful pictures! Have you considered doing a workshop in Italy?
  8. Jun 22-2010 , 03:34PM
    I wish I could've gone. Everything looks so amazing.
  9. JP:
    Jun 25-2010 , 11:30PM
    Hi Elizabeth! I love love love your work. I love this photo too!!! Do you know where this dress is from???