truly madly head over heels in love…
seriously, my heart is racing…i can’t eat…
i just wish these shoes would call me…
the loveliest¬†green shoes ever….xoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 15-2010 , 10:42PM
    Oh! These beautiful emerald shoes are calling to me!
  2. Amy:
    Jun 16-2010 , 06:44AM
    So beautiful! Do you happen to have a link to these shoes in particular? I can't seem to find them on that website.
  3. Jun 16-2010 , 08:39AM
    Ah! Those are emerald amazingness! Perfect for an offbeat bride torn beatween Maryjanes and sparkly green goodness.
  4. Anna:
    Jun 16-2010 , 03:56PM
    I. Am. Speechless. I need to know where to get those fabuLOUS shoes! Please oh, Please! With Sugar on top!
  5. Jun 17-2010 , 02:41PM
    i never thought a shoe would replace my beloved red shoes.. these shoes have me thinking all sorts of things!
    oh my please tell us more!
  6. Jun 19-2010 , 02:19PM
    These are my wedding shoes! Irregular choice is sold in the UK primarily, so you have to look at UK shoe sites to find them. I know carries a fair amount of Irregular Choice shoes, and sometimes you can find them on Amazon UK. :)