a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 28-2010 , 01:31PM
    Simply beautiful. Love the nature and colors!
  2. Jun 28-2010 , 01:48PM
    So pretty.
  3. Jun 28-2010 , 08:11PM
    Ok... True artist! It was such a pleasure to see and be apart of your mission to capture what is beautiful in this world.
    Your work is stunning!
  4. Em:
    Jun 29-2010 , 06:15AM
    Amazing pictures, so simple and serene. Have to add that i LOVE the second dress, it's stunning!
  5. Allie:
    Jul 04-2010 , 11:21AM
    love that dress! what designer is the bottom one with cap sleeves?
  6. Jul 06-2010 , 02:44PM