a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 04-2010 , 01:07PM
    I LOVE her hair!!!!
  2. Jun 04-2010 , 01:09PM
    courtesy of the amazing & talented
  3. Jun 04-2010 , 01:10PM
    make up by the very talented
  4. Jun 04-2010 , 01:28PM
    o.m.g. these are amazing! I just did the similar session with my daughter a month ago:)) you can see it on my facebook! but love your style soooo much!!
  5. Jun 05-2010 , 08:55AM
    Hi Elizabeth!
    Can you tell me who designed the dress your model is wearing? I love it and want one of my own.
  6. Jun 05-2010 , 09:18AM
    hello lindsey....
    the designer is delphine manivet....
  7. Jun 07-2010 , 09:46AM
    These pictures are simple, romantic and beautiful. I love them.
  8. Jun 10-2010 , 05:42AM
    omg, speechless. it's all too beautiful for words!!