so many people contacted me about going to the france workshop…but there were precious few spots….so i thought it would be sweet to share a little of the experience with a lucky someone…

the swag includes…a one of a kind lovely workshop tote…designed by the one & only VIOLA of CHEWING THE CUD….the winner will also receive one of VIOLA’s beautiful give luck wraps….some absolutely adorable cards created by ICING DESIGNS….you must check out there sweet designs….i am smitten with their adorable little cake cards…there will be another giveaway from ICING DESIGNS in the coming weeks too….and not only will the winner receive the stunning TWIGS & HONEY head piece but also a bottle of the newly released perfume RUMPLEDCAKE created by myra of TWIGS & HONEY….and a beeswax candle courtesy of LEAH MACDONALD from BLISS BOOKS….plus a variety of little goodies & treats….magazines…absolutely amazing handmade chocolate truffles by DELYSIA CHOCOLATIER…..most people know how much a love signs…so i am also including these amazing black signs made by XANDRA ZAMORA….the tote is full of everything the workshop attendees received plus more….so close your eyes, cross your fingers and your toes …..xoxoxoxoxo

i love how these sweet signs look like little chalkboards…

i’ll pick a lovely winner next week….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. MarieP:
    Jun 22-2010 , 02:41PM
    So much loveliness!
  2. Nicole:
    Jun 22-2010 , 05:24PM
    Very beautiful. Love it!
  3. Jun 22-2010 , 05:26PM
    Wicked giveaway!
  4. Stacey Stout:
    Jun 22-2010 , 05:30PM
    Le meilleur amour est le type qui se réveille l'âme et fait nous atteindre pour plus, qui plante un feu dans nos coeurs et amène la paix à nos esprits, et cela est que vous m'avez donné. Cela est que j'espère vous donner à jamais. Je vous aime. Je vous verrai. Le Cahier (de Stacey à Keith. ..forever dans mon coeur) !

    Ever since I was introduced to your site and beuatifulness by one of your models (Gina), I'm obsessed. Everything about your photos reach the core of my heart, literally! Amazing!
  5. Daniele:
    Jun 22-2010 , 05:40PM
    Your blog embodies all things lovely and wonderful in life!
  6. Jun 22-2010 , 05:45PM
    I adore these kinda of giveaways! Maybe this time I will love it even more.
  7. Jun 22-2010 , 05:47PM
    I absolutely love the inspirational photos of the workshop. Such wonderful treats from the flowers, note cards, to the Rumpledcake Twigs and Honey natural perfume, and finally the fabulous lucky fabric,the inventive chalk signs.

    Super workshop! I love France!
  8. Eliza:
    Jun 22-2010 , 05:47PM
    Pure Amore.
  9. Jun 22-2010 , 05:55PM
    what a fabulous contest! i would LOVE everything in the swag...especially the twigs & honey piece!
  10. Jun 22-2010 , 05:55PM
    Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and anything else I possibly can! What a lovely giveaway.
  11. Jun 22-2010 , 06:31PM
    Wow! What a nice giveaway. :)
  12. Jun 22-2010 , 06:34PM
    Love your inspiration
  13. Mia Pham:
    Jun 22-2010 , 07:02PM
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for doing this giveaway, Elizabeth! You are amazing.
  14. Jun 22-2010 , 08:12PM
    You work is dream is to meet you and learn from you one day!
  15. Jun 22-2010 , 09:38PM
    wish i could have been there, but it's so hard to travel so far when you have a little one. i sometimes feel pulled in two directions - with family and my business, but i know my little girl will only be little once! and i'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll have another workshop! :)
  16. kirsten:
    Jun 22-2010 , 09:42PM
    I love, love, love those little signs. so sweet.
  17. Amanda:
    Jun 22-2010 , 10:14PM
    Luck... Luck ... Luck...
  18. Nina B.:
    Jun 23-2010 , 06:25AM
    Wow, everything is so delicate and pretty!
  19. Jun 23-2010 , 10:36AM
    Would LOVE to win this amazing prize package.
  20. Jun 23-2010 , 12:27PM
    So sweet! I'm saving to attend next time!
  21. Jun 23-2010 , 12:59PM

    this is AMAZING!
  22. Anna pociask:
    Jun 23-2010 , 01:40PM
    When I need a little inspiration, you always
    come to mind! Thanks for being unique! Thanks for the give away too. :)
  23. Jun 23-2010 , 02:30PM
    amazing! i have to throw my hat in.
  24. Jun 23-2010 , 03:51PM
    Wow what a wonderful giveaway! Everything is so beautiful!
  25. Jun 23-2010 , 07:21PM
    a perfect giveaway, thankyou. hoping beyone hope it's me.
    M xx
  26. Laura:
    Jun 23-2010 , 08:03PM
    Each item is too sweet, the wrap is especially phenomenal.
  27. Kylie:
    Jun 24-2010 , 03:49AM
    Love your photo's.... you have an amazing gift...

    K xx
  28. Jun 24-2010 , 05:11PM
    Oh my goodness adorable!! I love everything I see - what a fabulous giveaway. L-o-v-e!
  29. Cera:
    Jun 26-2010 , 03:36AM
    I love the little chalkboard signs too! So cute and easy to set up!
  30. Suganya:
    Jun 28-2010 , 07:59AM
    Hi Elizabeth-

    These gorgeous headpieces are lovely! What a fantastic give-away. I picture myself wearing the lovely headpiece and wrap on my wedding day in 80 days! :) Here's to trying! :)
  31. Andrea:
    Jun 29-2010 , 10:16AM
    This giveaway is just so lovely!
  32. Pa from Minnesota:
    Jun 29-2010 , 11:49AM
    Everything is so adorable. I think the lucky winner will be so happy!
  33. Jun 29-2010 , 04:16PM
    Beautiful. All of it