a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 03-2010 , 10:06AM
    Gorgeous pregnant woman!!!!
  2. May 03-2010 , 12:00PM
    Oh, that shot in white is gorgeous! What a beautiful woman. I love that she feels so beautiful while pregnant - so many woman get self-conscious. I think it's awesome that she not only looks great - but FEELS good about herself!
  3. May 03-2010 , 12:34PM
    I wish I had the courage to do some like this before I get any sicker lol or bigger jajaja
  4. Taryn:
    May 03-2010 , 05:42PM
    Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! These make me so empowered for preggie-pics when it's my turn...the ultimate feminine silhouette! :)
  5. May 04-2010 , 01:08AM
    WOW! I absolutely LOVE these! So beautiful =)
  6. Neenah:
    May 04-2010 , 12:22PM
  7. May 09-2010 , 05:20AM
    Beautiful woman. Fabulous photographs Elizabeth! Joy to watch...