lately, i’ve been obsessed with little cakes….i love the idea of a miniature wedding (or not so miniature) cake just for you & your hubby….i’ve been using them alot lately in photo shoots….something sweet just for you & the one you love….in fact, on my wedding anniversary last year, i had the baker who created our wedding cake make a smaller version of it for us to celebrate with….it was romantic & our children loved it…food for thought, literally….have a very sweet day.


a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 10-2010 , 09:45AM
    This photograph is so beautiful! Mini cakes are perfect, anything in dessert form is perfect! We LOVE the ruffled glass cake plate!
  2. kasandra:
    May 10-2010 , 09:53AM
    such a beautiful picture of a beautiful cake!
  3. May 10-2010 , 11:01PM
    I love this idea as well! The cake is gorgeous. Why should there be a rule that you have to have a huge wedding cake? This one is perfect!

    Thanks for sharing this,

  4. May 11-2010 , 06:33AM
    This cake looks delectable!
  5. May 11-2010 , 06:43AM
  6. May 11-2010 , 07:06PM
    we do that every year too...our baker makes us a tiny little cake to celebrate our anniversary. very special! love that tradition.
  7. Jun 10-2010 , 10:13AM
    Just found your site and it is amazing, and I absolutely love this cake! What is on the sides that give it that ruffled look? Could you possibly tell me anything about it? Thanks!