sometimes when you are close to people & see them all the time, it’s easy to forget to let them know how special they are….my mother is an amazing kind hearted person…i feel so lucky that she is my mother….she’s the kind of woman who is always thinking about other people…when she comes to our house, she’s always organizing, folding laundry, doing the dishes…to the point where it drives me a little crazy…i always ask her to sit down, relax….and she’ll laugh at me, as though i’ve said the most ridiculous thing ever….she also loves to embellish when she tells stories…it’s wonderful….it makes for really good stories & lots of laughter….she’s very kind to my children, which is sweet…i understand now how she feels….how much you love your children & how much they’ll never understand….we are somehow compelled to make our own ways in life…but i know in my heart, that i am greatly influenced by my mother…one of my fondness memories of my childhood, was when i was twelve years old….my mom let me stay home from school for no reason at all & we went to a local garden & got a huge basket of strawberries…we ate all of them…don’t get me wrong, we had chores & responsibilities…and i was a relatively good student…but she made “playing hooky” for that one day so special….i try to make mundane things special for my children now…going to the post office can be a serious adventure if you do it right….now some of you may wonder why i am writing this here….my mother used to be an english teacher….so every day since i started KISS THE GROOM, she proof reads it & sends me corrections, for my many misspellings & grammatical errors….i am a creative person & often don’t have time to check every little thing i write….so i have always appreciated this…so this is a surprise for you mom….thanks for editing for me, even when i never asked you to…thanks for folding my clothes, even when i’d wish you’d sit down & relax…thank you for being so kind & generous & funny…thank you for teaching me how to be a good mother….i adore you & hope you have a beautiful mother’s day…know that even though i don’t always tell you, i think you are the best mom ever

i love you…elizabeth

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 09-2010 , 03:32PM
    That was simply beautiful. Happy Mother's Day :o)
  2. May 09-2010 , 09:23PM
    this is SO sweet. your mom sounds amazing.. and a lot like my own mom. i lucked out too:) thanks for writing this.
  3. May 10-2010 , 01:22AM
    Your words are so beautiful. So many of them echo in my own life. I hae recently found your blog and just adore your word and written verse. Happy Mothers Day from England x
  4. May 10-2010 , 08:08AM
    oh how I wish I took more pics of my mum and that I had done a tribute - you have inspired me. x
  5. May 10-2010 , 10:04AM
    If you expressed to her that she is the best mom every day then moments like this wouldn't be so beautifully moving. Well written and perfectly expressed. <3
  6. Mom:
    May 10-2010 , 10:19AM
    Thank you so much sweetheart.


  7. May 10-2010 , 10:52PM
    You brought back some very fond memories. I remember my mom would lettingt me skip school one day for some "mommy & me time". It is a fond memory.

    How lucky are to have mother's who knew how to be a great mom when we were younger and a better friend now that we are grown.

    Hope you had a great one :-) Simply beautiful ....

    Much love...Naomi
  8. May 11-2010 , 06:41AM
  9. May 11-2010 , 08:12AM
    Sometimes I think your writing is as beautiful as your photos! Your mom sounds a lot like mine too. She was an English major and proofreads my blog and is always helping when she can...but she NEVER let me skip school!
  10. May 11-2010 , 11:17AM
    What a lovely, thoughtful post. My mom too would let me stay home now and then for no other reason but to play cards, drink tea and goof around the house. They're wonderful memories from a special woman. Thanks for sharing yours!