this beautiful engagement shoot has been featured on STYLE ME PRETTY & BE INSPIRED…but i wanted to show some more of these lovely images & share some of the behind the scenes details that inspired this beautiful photo shoot, leila & tony are an adorable couple….full of love & tenderness…

when leila & began discussing plans for their engagement shoot, i encouraged her to think of some ideas that were close to her heart…that we could create a stylized photo shoot that honored their relationship….well, leila teamed up with her friend & very talented designed, CARISSA to create the sweetest flower stand ever….to see more of carissa’s beautiful work check out her site JL DESIGNS….

as a surprise for leila & tony, i asked my good friend liane of SANTA BARBARA WEDDING & MONTECITO CONFECTIONS to create this sweet green cake…i have become a little obssessed with having cakes at portrait shoots…maybe its my sweet tooth….i also found this sweet INSPIRE sign that i thought was a a perfect sign for leila & tony….leila’s site BE INSPIRED is full of inspiring ideas…..

i also travel with many prop…you never know when a hat or a crown will come
in handy…i love how old fashioned & sweet my hat is with their outfits….

leila & carissa literally built the flower stand from scratch…and yes its truly lovely & original…but what moved my the most about the flower stand idea, was that it was very close to leila’s heart….it was a tribute to leila’s mother, who suffers from a rare illness….leila’s beautiful thoughts about her mother touched my heart…

that’s the most amazing part of this shoot…its so lovely because
it’s so authentic & is a creation out of & in honor of love….

everything, from the beautiful flowers carissa chose to the sweet floral jumper leila wore was perfect….

the entire shoot was at the stunning DOS PUEBLOS RANCH….many thanks to TRICIA FOUNTAINE who was a wonderful help & is managing the RANCH which not only was the location for the amazing fairy shoot last year (that is featured in the current issue of SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE)….DOS PUEBLOS RANCH is available both for photo shoots & weddings & other celebrations….

we spent a wonderful afternoon, exploring the property & making photographs

leila & tony were made for each other…they are such a sweet couple….

peace . blessings . love . marraige

and flowers…lots of flowers….

and kisses…lots & lots of kisses….

congratulations leila & tony….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. kasandra:
    May 11-2010 , 07:31AM
    i love your color images ... the color is so pure ... not over processed like so much color i see on the internet
  2. May 11-2010 , 08:13AM
    elizabeth, these are gorgeous. ever. single. one. but you probably already knew that. :)
  3. May 11-2010 , 11:22AM
    Speechless. Totally inspired.
  4. May 11-2010 , 12:23PM
    wow this is stunning! what a gorgeous couple and shoot. simply lovely!
  5. May 11-2010 , 01:28PM
    Very beautiful! Excellent work.
  6. May 11-2010 , 01:38PM
    Your images are incredible! I'm in love with every single one of them..

    May i ask where you shot this engagement at? The name of the place. property?


    - Darya
  7. May 11-2010 , 04:54PM
    Wow, your work is so inspiring! We have a lot of the same taste, but you take it to the next level! Keep it up, your an encouragement!!
  8. May 11-2010 , 11:08PM
    oh my goodness....this pictures are soooo soft, full of love...and absolutely dreamlike....GREAT WORK!!!!
  9. Hilde Eyckmans:
    May 12-2010 , 04:25AM
    The softness of your colours is beautiful - Is it just your film that gives this effect or do you use any procesessing (actions in photoshop or lightroom) to get this colours? I have had my first weddingshoot this weekend and with my current actions I just don't get the result I'm looking for....
  10. May 12-2010 , 12:09PM
    Amazing! I am absolutely in love with these images!
  11. May 12-2010 , 12:40PM
    Elizabeth, I love the "behind the scences" of this shoot. You would be my photographer of choice if I were to renew our vows. The cake is gorgeous!
  12. Sep 06-2010 , 10:35AM
    These pictures are amazing... the location is beautiful and I just love the Flower Stand!The flowers used are so simple and pretty, what flowers did you use for the stand?
  13. Sep 12-2010 , 09:06AM
    Are those poppies on the right side of the flower stand?
  14. Mar 30-2011 , 01:35AM
    Oh!! good choice with the location! very romantic :) I like her dress
  15. Apr 13-2011 , 08:52AM
    These images are stunning! What a great concept :) I'm loving the fedora and of course the tree swing shot is adorable!