the sweet & stylish wedding took place at firestone vineyard…..


the stunning florals were the work of TRICIA FOUNTAINE


you can see more about this lovely wedding in the newest issue of THE KNOT



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 06-2010 , 09:45AM
    Wow, these are sooo beautiful! If you had photographed my wedding, I'd have at least 600 framed pictures on the walls of my house. ;) So lovely.
  2. Apr 06-2010 , 10:38AM
    These are so stunning and inspiring! You are by far my VERY favorite photographer. The one who inspires me the most. I want to live in a world that looks exactly like your photographs... That would be my perfect place :)
  3. Apr 06-2010 , 10:49AM
    no one makes pink as cool as you. xoxo
  4. Apr 06-2010 , 11:04AM
    Absolutely breathtaking!! I'm always just so floored with your images. Totally in love!
  5. Apr 06-2010 , 07:33PM
    Such a lovely wedding! And such beautiful photographs :o)
  6. Apr 06-2010 , 11:37PM
    amazing details!
  7. Apr 07-2010 , 12:42AM
    So Gorgeous !!! As always :)
  8. Apr 07-2010 , 10:55AM
    Simply magical, isn't it?
  9. kasandra:
    Apr 08-2010 , 05:11PM
    it's your detail shots that give me goose bumps ... thanks for sharing!
  10. Apr 09-2010 , 05:39PM
    These images are beautiful! I'm so inspired by you and your work, your obvious passion for motherhood, how you capture the small details of life in simplistic photographs that make heavy impressions, and how you seem to juggle it all so well! Always a pleasure viewing your images!
  11. Apr 11-2010 , 08:33PM
    This wedding is lovely! The bright colors perfectly complement the rustic, natural setting. The interior of the reception site is so beautiful! The mix of old and new provides a unique backdrop for this stunning couple!
  12. Apr 12-2010 , 09:42PM
    Love the filigree on the black and gold cake!
  13. Apr 13-2010 , 10:54PM
    This wedding is so great. The bride looks so stunning with her wedding dress.
    The bright colors makes it more attractive and they really look good together.
  14. Apr 23-2010 , 07:43PM
    I am floored by this cake. I've never seen anything like it - it's decadence personified!
  15. Apr 26-2010 , 02:54PM
    The florals are *beyond* lovely! Great post!! :)