a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 26-2010 , 07:24AM
    Beautiful color palette!!
  2. Apr 26-2010 , 08:30AM
    Look at those shoes! Beautiful color.
  3. Apr 26-2010 , 09:30AM
    I love the shoes too! Please (please please!) tell me you know where/who they're from?
  4. Apr 26-2010 , 09:40AM
    ok, i didnt want to repeat everyone else, but those shoes are stunning. i think second to the pair on your website, these are the cutest evah. (i do have a secret dream of scoring a pair of those lovely red ones one day though, this would be nice)

    lovely pics miss, they feel like little watercolor paintings...like morning with a cup of tea....
  5. Apr 26-2010 , 10:21AM
    I agree with everyone, love the shoes. Your photos are beautiful as always and that little basket is adorable.
  6. Kate Schmiett:
    Apr 26-2010 , 10:42AM
    4th request for shoe information...those are too, too cute.
  7. Apr 26-2010 , 10:59AM
  8. Susannah:
    Apr 26-2010 , 02:20PM
    :-) i loved my shoes (those were my "change into them for dancing" shoes), almost (but not quite) as much as i loved having elizabeth be my photographer!

    they are from "hey lady" - an awesome local company... their website is www.shopheylady.com
  9. Apr 26-2010 , 02:27PM
    hey ladies....so there you have it....


    and sweet susannah....i loved being
    part of your beautiful wedding....

  10. Apr 26-2010 , 06:35PM
    Such pretty shoes!
  11. Apr 27-2010 , 07:37AM
    What beautiful arrangements. So simple and classy!
  12. Apr 27-2010 , 09:59AM
    Such a beautiful colors..love the sage green and white together! The bouquets and cake..so lovely!
  13. Apr 28-2010 , 05:17AM
    Wow the bride's floral bouquet is quite lovely.I love the angelic white flowers and the cool way it's designed. The wedding cake is quite adorable too!