sometimes life gives you something so beautiful & sweet…


their are no words to properly convey the stunning loveliness…


duet weddings

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 20-2010 , 10:13AM
    eeeek! SOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!! I love all the details. :)
  2. Apr 20-2010 , 10:30AM
    I love all the photos, such pretty colors and this last photo made me laugh. love it!
  3. Apr 20-2010 , 12:39PM
    [...] kiss the groom » Blog Archive » oh so lovely…. [...]
  4. Apr 20-2010 , 03:50PM
    Love those cute cookies and the simple yet raw look to everything. Very refreshing for a wedding!
  5. Apr 20-2010 , 05:42PM
    Good Lord...Rebecca Stone of Duet weddings really can create magic. This wedding is perfection. With lovely images to last lifetimes.
  6. Apr 20-2010 , 10:48PM
    oh my gosh...i love every single detail....above all the last with the cookie :D
  7. kasandra:
    Apr 21-2010 , 11:24AM
    i love your detail shots ... i look at your shots in their perfect frames and think why oh why can't i see things this way ... thanks for sharing and thanks for the inspiration
  8. Apr 21-2010 , 02:21PM
    These images are like something from a beautiful dream. They make my heart smile. :)
  9. Apr 21-2010 , 11:15PM
    The photography was really amazing and what I love the most is the bouquet of flowers. The combination of it's color really comes out as vibrant. Nice post.
  10. Apr 22-2010 , 09:38AM
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Both you and Rebecca always amaze!
  11. Jul 08-2013 , 03:05PM
    Loving those heart cookies! Especially the picture of the bride holding them up!