a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 27-2010 , 10:29AM
    GORGEOUS! Leila, you look stunning! This is so cute! So lovely, Elizabeth.
  2. Apr 27-2010 , 10:40AM
    Tony & Leila look amazing! what a great fun couple and beautiful image!
  3. Apr 27-2010 , 10:43AM
    So exquisite. I adore their outfits, too!
  4. Apr 27-2010 , 10:43AM
    its AMAZING elizabeth. I love you. Oh and I love tony... does it show? :) you're so inspiring. thank you for this gorgeous picture of us!
  5. Apr 27-2010 , 10:43AM
    Oh my word! How adorable and sweet are you two? Love it! Thanks for sharing :)
  6. Apr 27-2010 , 11:59AM
    UMMM! Leila and Tony look AHHHMAAZING! So hot! Love it Elizabeth!! :)
  7. Apr 27-2010 , 03:46PM
    Lovely. Loving. Love it! Congrats Leila and Tony!
  8. Apr 27-2010 , 05:17PM
    Great pic! Looking so beautiful Leila! You guys are too cute! Enjoy this special time!! =)
  9. Apr 28-2010 , 12:41AM
    They both look good together. It's really cute. :D
  10. Apr 28-2010 , 12:45PM
    I'm just seeing this! SO amazing. You look madly in love and beautiful. Love, love LOVE!!!
  11. Apr 29-2010 , 01:34PM
    i am SOOOO honored i could be a part of designing this shoot! leila and tony deserve the best and i am ecstatic they have such gorgeous photos of themselves! what a meaningful day! :) xoxo, c
  12. Apr 30-2010 , 01:23PM
    Leila and Tony,

    Patrick and I can't wait to see what is to look so very happy and we wish you joy and love throughout your life. Beautiful as always Elizabeth!

    Kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!