may all of your lovely dreams come true…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 30-2010 , 04:30PM
    Loved the pictures. It makes one remember all the times they dreamed of being a princess and finding their prince. Isn't this truly where most girls start dreaming about their wedding day?
  2. May 02-2010 , 10:10AM
    I love this session. The shot of the two boys together at the end is just beautiful.
  3. kasandra:
    May 03-2010 , 01:01PM
    so gorgeous! i love her little chipped fingernail polish ... it's perfect!
  4. May 10-2010 , 08:50PM
    Lovely.... just lovely.
  5. Jul 09-2010 , 02:33PM
  6. Oct 05-2010 , 11:17AM
    I saw a rusty coloured crown today in a little shop in Surrey near my place in the UK. I very nearly bought it! So inspired by your crown shots. Love love love them!! I may just HAVE to go back and buy it.