sometimes being a fool is just beautiful….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 01-2010 , 08:53AM
    love it! just pure happiness and fun.
  2. Apr 01-2010 , 11:37AM
    This photo has so much joy and beauty! Thank you for sharing! It brought a smile to a rather lackluster day :)
  3. Apr 01-2010 , 01:48PM
    Looks like fun!!
  4. Apr 01-2010 , 01:52PM
    so fun!!!
  5. Kasandra:
    Apr 01-2010 , 05:23PM
    i just found your blog ... and now i have a huge blog crush :)
    wonderful capture of a perfect moment
  6. Apr 02-2010 , 02:29PM
    i LOVE this image. It's shows every emotion a bride should have on her wedding day. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. Apr 05-2010 , 07:47AM
    What an awesome picture! Just puts you in a good mood! It also wonderfully shows how a wedding should be experienced - with joy, excitement, and fun! Thanks for posting it!
  8. Apr 06-2010 , 12:31PM
    wonderful! It is the most special and energetic photograph...totally shows Happiness!
  9. Apr 11-2010 , 09:41AM
    И что же?...

    sometimes being a fool is just beautiful….....
  10. Mar 20-2011 , 07:09PM
    She looks like she is having to much fun so awesome!
  11. Mar 31-2012 , 02:23PM
    Oh my goodness - so fun and lovely at the same time! It's been pinned!
  12. May 20-2014 , 04:20AM
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