a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 15-2010 , 06:54PM
    This is adorable! I just love it ... looks so delish!
  2. Amber:
    Mar 15-2010 , 09:16PM
    Are those tiny cakes stacked or rice cakes? Either way... looks delicoussssss!
  3. Mar 22-2010 , 10:15AM

    долго вы будите искать такого чуда...
  4. Solveig:
    Mar 22-2010 , 01:37PM
    I believe the cake on the picture is what we Norwegians call "kransekake", a cake made of (almond)wreths stacked on top of each other. Very traditional, very wedding, very tasty! We're having one just like that in our wedding in june :)