i so love this sweet idea….a recent client of mine had personalized toilet paper made….sweet ladybug paper that went with the feel & colors of their wedding….wedding style on a whole other level…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 31-2010 , 12:29AM
    This is soo cute!! I love it! Lol..never thought I would say that about TP
  2. Mar 31-2010 , 03:28AM
  3. Mar 31-2010 , 05:47AM
    That's super cute!!!
  4. Mar 31-2010 , 12:45PM
    Some people are just sooo creative! this is such a good idea ;)
    I love your blog and your photos btw
  5. Mar 31-2010 , 03:49PM
    I love those hot pink flowers.
  6. Mar 31-2010 , 05:16PM
    so creative .. love the colour of your pics!!!
  7. Apr 01-2010 , 06:29AM
    YOU are next level. Period.
  8. Apr 01-2010 , 06:52PM
    Wow! Next level indeed!
  9. Apr 02-2010 , 05:08AM
    I love that on such an important day they had fun with nut-so-fun tp. Adorable attitude and result.
  10. May 07-2010 , 06:11AM
    Hmmm. Who would think of going to these lengths to coordinate?!.....that's definitely 'anal'! LOL.