i’ve always been fascinated by the way people blend…two people fall in love & create a little life…this sweet little person is a physical manifestation of love…we look for pieces we recognize…he has your “smile”…she has your “ears”…but really they’re an unimaginably perfect blend…years ago when i was pregnant with my first child, “the blessing project” was born….all children are blends…


but i’ve been particularly interested in how beautiful children from parents with different ethnic backgrounds blend…the sweet union of differences is amazing…so much beauty….and i think there is something powerful about a new born life looking up at two different faces & loving them the same…not knowing any difference….only learning later in life that there was a difference to begin with….


there was a moment when my four year old daughter looked up at me & asked me, “mama, if i scratch my skin….do i look like you underneath?”…my heart dropped to my stomach & i looked at her sweet face….i realized my answer was both yes & no…her brown skin would always be hers…just as my fair skin was mine….yet if you scratched either of us, we would bleed….we are, as all humans are…utterly & in the most important ways, simply the same….we love…we bleed…we dream…we are….


as i continue to photograph the blessing project…i do humbly & aware that there is much i do not & will not ever understand about the world…but one thing i know for sure, children are blessings….



a little more sweetness...

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  6. Ingrid:
    Mar 01-2010 , 08:52AM
    I loved this post. When my son was born he was just that perfect. A combination of me and of his father. When I look at the young man he's become kind , handsome funny witty ..perfect I have to smile. While he and I no longer look alike and his features are more like his fathers it's beautiful to see the young man he's become. I loved your response to your reminded me of so much.
  7. Jessica:
    Mar 01-2010 , 10:08AM
    Thank you for putting such beautiful words out into the world. It warms my soul.
  8. Mar 01-2010 , 10:22AM
    you are divine - I too feel that mixed ethnicities make the most beautiful people on the planet - inside and out. I had always thought / hoped my children would be so very different from me, but then you do not choose who you fall in love with and though our children may not be blessed with the combination of different ethnicities , I hope we can gift them with the love in their hearts that we are all, like you say, so similar underneath. What a beautiful post - thank you. xx
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    This is so beautifully written and conceived - you are so specially gifted and I am so proud of you.
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    I too am very interested in children with parents of different ethnic backgrounds- how they come together and create a new, perfect being. Your photos are stunning, absolutely beautiful!
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    I can't wait until the day my love and I have children - I'm pale swedish and born with white blond hair, he's half finnish half Indian with beautiful dark hair and cappucino skin.... I also love the mix!
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    lovely photos as usual! my nephew is actually a perfect blend...a white mama with a hit of japanese and a dark father...making him the sweetest little brown color I've ever seen! He's gorgeous!
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    Lovely : ) I always look at my daughter and see... the most beautiful girl in the world. I pinch myself everyday... is this really? My dream come true.
  28. Anne K.:
    Mar 02-2010 , 10:25AM
    I look at your blog every day and I'm constantly in awe at the images you capture...but today's post brought tears to my eyes. As I prepare for the birth of my first child in May i often sit and wonder what amazing combination of me and my boyfriend it will be. Will it have my blue eyes with my boyfriends warm, brown skin? Will this child know that no matter what the color of it's eyes or shade of it's skin that it's father and i love them so much already without ever having set eyes on it's beautiful face. thank you for expressing my thoughts in those amazing images and lovely words.
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    Beautiful. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. I hope your words go out into the universe and spread more love around b/c they are so very true!
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    You have such a beautiful heart. I'm glad I was able to hear you speak at WPPI.
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    I will be so happy when the day comes that no one knows what "group" anyone belongs to the group called human. Your words ring so true. My husband and I are from mixed heritages. We are trying to get pregnat ans we cannot wait to see what our baby will look like. Thanks for the inspiration.
  38. Mar 17-2010 , 10:14PM
  39. Eddie:
    Apr 16-2010 , 10:57AM
    "but i’ve been particularly interested in how beautiful children from parents with different ethnic backgrounds blend.." Call me crazy, but I think all children are enately beautiful.... regardless of ethnic make up.
  40. B:
    Apr 17-2010 , 08:46PM
    I also am a mother of mixed children, me being caucasian and my husband african american, and I can relate to this post. My daughter is 4 and notices the difference in color between her father and me. I will raise her to know that we are not judged by God for the color of our skin, but for the lives we lead and how we praise and glorify Him! Children are definately blessings! I thank God everyday for my children!
  41. carrie:
    May 07-2010 , 10:32AM
    This is one of the most beautiful things I've read and viewed. I am a new bride who looks forward to beautiful mixed children in my future. You articulate love, beauty, compassion, heartache and acceptance in your words and photos in a way many struggle to express. And, simply put, children are a blessing and a miracle of love. Thank you for this. It's beautifully simple and perfect.
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    So beautiful what you wrote about your daughter when she was four! It's so true. Maybe my girls will ask me something similar someday as they too are a beautiful darken blend :)
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    You have a way with words...and you find beauty in the most basic of all things human. Thank you.
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