a couple of months ago… sweet friend LEAH flew from the east coast to personally teach me one of her passions….encaustic painting….now LEAH has been covering my photos with wax for years (she even appeared on the MARTHA STEWART SHOW & taught martha how to paint with wax, with one of my photographs…amazing)….it was wonderful to learn how to do the proccess myself….we were like two kids with finger paints & no parents… was wonderful…..beeswax is so beautiful…


so now i am completely & irrevocably smitten….my images want to be covered in wax, they are in love….in fact i have an urge to cover everything in wax(i am hoping this urge fades soon, because although quite beautiful, perhaps not totally appropriate)….alas my photos want to marry wax….here is a little sneak peak into my studio after an art making experience with the incredibly talented LEAH MACDONALD….for those of you who do not have the time or inclination to learn this proccess yourself….you can have LEAH turn your photographs into works of art at WAX WORKS PHOTO….


may your studio be a big beautiful mess…..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 08-2010 , 12:03AM
    beautiful works!
  2. Mar 08-2010 , 05:26AM
    Your wax work looks great! So dreamy and romantic.
  3. Mar 08-2010 , 08:05AM
    These are so beautiful! are some of them beeswax finishes?
  4. Mar 08-2010 , 03:56PM
    We can't wait to have our studio be a Big Beautiful Dreamy mess and we will have you to thank for the inspiration...I don't know if they make a big enough THANK YOU card :)
  5. Mar 09-2010 , 07:36AM
    Simply delicious - I love them - sublime xx
  6. Mar 09-2010 , 09:23PM
    I just discovered your blog...Completely and utterly inspiring :) xx
  7. Mar 10-2010 , 12:47PM
    I love this idea! The wax makes the images look even more timeless.
  8. Mar 12-2010 , 11:08AM
    Why is that every time I visit your blog I get all teary-eyed :) Your work speaks such truth and beauty and I'm inspired by it every time. I just got this happy feeling inside me thinking about how much your kids are going to cherish these beautiful wax pieces when they are special.
  9. Mar 12-2010 , 11:12PM

    I have followed your work for several years and want to thank you for speaking at WPPI. I wish I could join you on your workshop and hope you will have something as special next year. You made me think about art, my sons, and what's special about what we photograph... I have ordered some waxworks products and I can't wait to share them with my clients and put some on my own walls!

    Thank you,
    Jane Shauck
    IRIS Photography
    West Hartford, CT
  10. Mar 13-2010 , 11:55AM
    I totally agree that your work should be enfolded in wax....what I've always loved about your images is that they have this wonderful dream-like softness to them and the filmy layer of wax just enhances that "floating in a dream" quality! Wonderful! Your post reminded me of the first time I was introduced to encaustic through the work of Erica Grimm-Vance in my first year of college. The exhibit was called Swimming in Existence and I was so struck by it that it's name comes so easily to my mind even though it was ten years ago. Her work is an amazing combination of the physical and the ethereal.

    Thanks so much for reminding me of that wonderful experience; and thank you for the beauty of your own images. Your site is a wonderful place of inspiration!

    Hope Ava
  11. Mar 14-2010 , 01:32PM
    oh my, this is such a fantastic idea. Reason # 435 why visiting your blog rejuvenates the soul. Have a great week, Elizabeth.
  12. Mar 16-2010 , 05:19PM
    [...] a distinct style, texture and feeling to it. Just look at the studio images she has on her site of prints with wax on them. That is like the ultimate photography and scrapbooking combination. I met Elizabeth last [...]
  13. Apr 12-2010 , 06:14AM
    I heard about your work through Alyssa Remington (who inspired me to start my own photography business). And I can clearly see why and how you've influenced her. Your work is beautiful and genuine in a way that I identify with deep down in my soul. And I LOVE your photographs covered in wax! I've been wanting to try encaustics for years and now I'm convinced that I must. Thanks for sharing yourself with the inspiring. xx