it is with great excitement that i share with you my first cover of SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE….i have been lucky enough to photograph for this beautiful magazine for several years….but this is my first cover….and i am beyond thrilled…please go pick up a copy…this issue is filled with lovely images & a fantastic wedding section….i love love love this magazine…i know, i’m gushing…did i mention i shot the cover?? oh happy day…SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE also just did a complete make over on their website….the stunning wedding gown was designed by KIRSTIE KELLY, the same lovely woman who made my wedding dress….i’m dancing in my pajamas…hope you’ll join me…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Kirsty Payne:
    Mar 24-2010 , 01:15AM
    Congrats! That's so great!!! I'll definitely pick up a copy!

    Much love and continued success.

    -Kirsty xoxo
  2. Mar 24-2010 , 05:30AM
    Congratulations and what a beautiful cover photograph!
  3. Mar 24-2010 , 05:34AM
    this is fab!
  4. Mar 24-2010 , 08:51AM
    Hooray!! Congratulations - it's a beautiful cover!
  5. Mar 24-2010 , 08:53AM
    Great job and lovely photo!!!
  6. Mar 24-2010 , 10:01AM
    I am just surprised its your first! Gorgeous deserve it Sweetie!
  7. Mar 24-2010 , 10:41AM
    That is so AWESOME Elizabeth! Congratulations!!!
  8. Mar 24-2010 , 11:04AM
    wow- just gorgeous cover!!!
  9. Mar 24-2010 , 11:23AM
    Felicitations a toi, Elizabeth!!!
  10. Mar 24-2010 , 11:34AM
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  11. Mar 24-2010 , 12:39PM
    Congratulations! Beautiful of course! Yea for you!!!! xoxo
  12. Mar 24-2010 , 01:01PM
    Congratulations! I love the bride's hairpiece!
  13. Mar 24-2010 , 01:02PM
    Congratulations Elizabeth - how exciting!
  14. Mar 24-2010 , 01:09PM
    So exciting!! Congrats. Can't wait to get my copy. =)
  15. Taryn:
    Mar 24-2010 , 05:39PM
    Congrats Elizabeth! You're more than deserving - gorgeous as usual! :)
  16. Jeff:
    Mar 24-2010 , 06:45PM
    Congrats and well deserved!! You have an amazing talent!
  17. Mar 24-2010 , 09:00PM
    CONGRATS ... simply lovely!
  18. Mar 30-2010 , 05:24AM
    Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  19. Mar 30-2010 , 08:04AM
    Beautiful cover photograph! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
  20. Elizabeth:
    Mar 31-2010 , 09:01PM
    Congrats! Stunning photo, amazing photographer. You deserve it. One of many more to come!
  21. Apr 14-2010 , 06:01AM
    [...] {And speaking of Elizabeth Messina and cover images, congrats to her for being on the cover of Santa Barbara Magazine!} [...]