a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 15-2010 , 12:17AM
    so serene, so gorgeous. have a wonderful week.
  2. Mar 15-2010 , 02:36AM
    Beautiful set! Love the deepness and red tones
  3. Mar 15-2010 , 04:29AM
    wahhh : très belle ambiance, j'adore ;-)
  4. Mar 15-2010 , 05:58AM
  5. Mar 15-2010 , 07:00AM
    beautiful pictures!!
  6. Mom:
    Mar 15-2010 , 11:00AM
    Amazingly beautiful and evocative...
  7. Ingrid:
    Mar 15-2010 , 12:51PM
    A beautiful collection of timeless pieces. Magnifique! :)
  8. Mar 15-2010 , 04:41PM

    I love your blog, I have SO enjoyed all of your photographs, and find all of your posts so endearing. I don't generally follow blogs, but yours is among the exceptional, so sweet and unaffected despite your immense talent. Thank you,

  9. Mar 15-2010 , 08:53PM

    I came to your wppi class last week and from the first few moments of your class I was blown away not by just your talent behind the camera but also by what a sweet person you are. Two hours went by way too fast and I wish you could have spoke for longer. Thanks for being so open and showing the passion you have for the art of photography. You images are so beautiful and show pure love. Inspiring. Thank You.

  10. Mar 16-2010 , 12:19PM
    I love your blog and I have added you to my blogroll. You are a beautiful soul and I can see it through your work. I have been following you for awhile and today I am putting you on my roll. This post is so inspiring. Thank you so much!
  11. Mar 16-2010 , 05:59PM
    Love the Simone Martini photo in the middle right. Love!
  12. Apr 23-2010 , 07:02AM
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