a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 07-2010 , 07:46AM
    i am in love with this dress & the stocking thingys on her feet. sometimes you just need a big dose of lace :) beautiful!
  2. Mar 11-2010 , 09:09AM
    [...] engagement ♥ Lovely handmades ♥ Summertime in winter ♥ Sweet red and turquoise details ♥ Lace love ♥ Gorgeous shabby chic engagement ♥ Totally and utterly gorgeous hotel [...]
  3. Mar 11-2010 , 02:46PM
    Absolutely beautiful!
  4. Mar 12-2010 , 07:48AM
    Ohhhh, I adore this dress... there is one shop in Boston that carries it and everytime I'm in there with a client I can't stop staring at it and petting it lovingly!
  5. Mar 30-2010 , 06:53PM
    We just had the pleasure of photographing lovely Natalie in this gown. It was indeed , distracting. I could not stop looking at it. Elizabeth.. you are a beautiful photogapher!!!