sometimes i feel so grateful, i find i am at a loss for words….this past tuesday i had the honor of speaking to hundreds of photographers at WPPI….i want to say thank you to everyone who came & spent two hours listening & experiencing my images…i feel so lucky to be a photographer & even luckier to share my work with other amazing photographers….thank you….i am also so grateful to the amazing people who rallied around me & helped in so many ways…you know who you are but i want to make sure you also know much i appreciate your friendship & your kindness….i could not have done it with out you….thank you so much to MISS BLISS* for your support & midnight conversations….you are so talented & i loved sharing the experience with you….many thanks to IMAGE SOURCE & STEPHANIE who made beautiful canvas wraps & my little folder cards & so much more….and who make my work look better than i ever expect….i could not do it without you….to the beautiful & thoughtful MEG SMITH…you continue to be such an inspiration & a photo goddess…it meant so much to me that you were there through all of it…thank you….& my sweet & gifted LEAH MACDONALD…you never cease to amaze me…you are a fantastic artist, a loving mother & such a good friend….i adore you & BLISS BOOKS….and my dear YVETTE ROMAN…you are such a generous girl & talented film photographer….thank you for being there…& KRISTEN LOKEN…thank you for your selflessness & continued help…to call you my assistant is a serious understatement…wishing you lots of peace & happiness…and to GRAPHI….your albums are so beautiful…i am so excited to be working with you….i am carrying the little pocket books with me every where i go…& our dinner was just wonderful….thank you for making me feel so special….& FUJI….my goodness…film is the center of my universe….thank you thank you thank you….& to the beautiful JUNEBUG girls…thank you for all of your support & kindness….i am honored….and CYPRESS…your books are so lovely & it was such a pleasure to see you….and thank you to JOSE VILLA & JOEL SERRATO….who came to watch & ended up helping me on the spot….you are both so sweet & talented….thank you….and to everyone who took the time to say something nice…i am eternally grateful….i am still floating on the generousity of all of my friends….& to those of you who understand that i am still shy when people want to take my photograph….thank you….and to the girls who came in early & helped organize the room…thank you….thank you to JONATHAN CANLAS for shooting with film & sharing information…so nice to meet your wife…i must say that the most important people in my life are of course my three sweet children…& my husband…who graciously takes care of everything…thank you eternally…i love you…if there is anyone i left off….thank you too…i am still a bit sleep deprived & my gratitude is overwhelming & may be messing with my memory…if anyone wants to stay up to date with what’s going on with me feel free to friend me on FACEBOOK or become a FAN of kiss the groom…may your life be full of the desires of your heart…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 13-2010 , 12:15AM
    You're as gracious as everyone tweeted! Love that! Congrats and you clearly deserve it not only for your talent but also your self!
  2. Mar 13-2010 , 03:51AM
    Thank YOU for being such an amazing inspiration for us!
  3. Jessica:
    Mar 13-2010 , 10:39AM
    Wishing I could have been at wppi to see you speak.... I'm hoping to go to one of your workshops in the future. You are a true artist, through your pictures and words you have reminded me what it was like to shoot film... it feels so magical... I lost that when I had my digital camera, now I am shooting only film... and so much happier! Thank you.
  4. Mar 13-2010 , 10:50AM
    my head and heart still hurt that I couldn't go wppi, and the workshop this year...
  5. Mar 13-2010 , 11:40AM
  6. Mar 13-2010 , 01:17PM
    I was scared that you would be way too busy after the class to come up and speak to you - and I really regretted not trying. I have never been so inspired than when I saw your class. So many times I have doubted my skill and worth, and you showed us that if you doubt yourself, people will think you are worth less. Your work is absolutely stunning. You are so sweet and humble, in a world of digital "rock star" photographers you do what you do because it is your love and passion and I can't help but admire that. Thank YOU so much for taking the time to speak to us about your journey in photography. I am more inspired more than ever to shoot what I love, and how I love... and not just what is popular or big right now.

    I will pick up some film for my Canon film camera right away :)
  7. Mar 13-2010 , 11:10PM
    No Problem ;) Anytime!
    Thank you for sharing your work ;)
  8. Mar 14-2010 , 01:08AM
    I was the first to want to take a picture with you at your class....I totally understand u. And hopefully meet again one day. During the class I continually kept tapping my friend saying "this is needed" especially
    I am very sentimental person and my goal is to use that more and more in my photographs. Thank-you. You've inspired me.
  9. Mar 14-2010 , 01:10AM
    Meant to write... "this is me" my iPhone t9 is crazy
  10. Mar 14-2010 , 01:58PM
    You were amazing. I can't describe it, but something about you, your work and your presence is just magical. It was a blessing to be in attendance. In the front row, no less :)
  11. Mar 14-2010 , 04:25PM
    I would have so loved to hear you speak! We didn't make it to Vegas this year, but maybe next... And it would be a dream to attend one of your workshops someday. Your work (and you!) are so genuine and inspiring.
  12. Mar 15-2010 , 04:17PM
    it was an honor listening to you speak and seeing your beautiful, heart-felt images. your talk about film definitely solidified my choice on buying a film camera a couple months ago. at first I was wondering...will I use it that often? now I know I will. thank you, Elizabeth!
  13. Mar 18-2010 , 07:17AM
    beautiful post, love the pics at the top
  14. Mar 18-2010 , 05:28PM
    Thank you! It was a pleasure to hear you speak again. I am so lucky to now have one of your beautiful prints hanging by my desk! I am truly inspired and in awe of your amazing work!
  15. Ashley Cockhill:
    Mar 19-2010 , 10:46AM
    I am so glad I got to be there when you spoke in LV. You are an inspiration.
  16. Mar 22-2010 , 03:39PM
    Sad that I couldn't be there for your seminar! I have heard of how wonderful it was! I have been enjoying your photography as always... thank you for the daily inspiration and your heart-felt posts. xo
  17. Mar 28-2010 , 04:28AM
    I have just arrived home to Australia from WPPI vegas where I then went on a wonderful trip of New York and Los Angeles with my husband. I wanted to express how grateful I am to have heard you speak at wppi. Your gentle voice and kind nature is the perfect match to the romantic and dreamy photographs that you capture. I loved every minute of your class and I hope to hear you speak again one day. You were so inspiring and I'd like to thank you for speaking. On top of that I was fortunate to win one of those FUJI Instax minis - now that I'm home I can't wait to play with it.
    I can only hope that one day you might like to come with your family to Australia and do a week long class like the one you are about to hold - it looks incredible. There are so many photographers here that would love to be part of something like that - don't hesitate to let me know if you might like this.
    Thank you once again for an incredibly moving presentation and for being so gracious!